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Why Detox is the Most Important Step in Addiction Treatment

Why detox is the most important step in addiction treatment

You can’t move ahead in your addiction treatment while you have drugs or alcohol in your system. It’s normal to worry about detox, but don’t let that deter you from getting clean. Withdrawal can be managed, and you can start moving toward your new, sober life.

Beginning Addiction Treatment

Woman in Search of High-Quality Addiction TreatmentWhether you suffer from drug or alcohol abuse, detox is the most important step in your treatment. You can’t think clearly or feel normal when you still have poison in your body affecting you mentally and physically.

If you drink daily, you’ll quickly become dehydrated. Dehydration skews your electrolytes and causes you to lose B vitamins. It’s similar to how someone without an addiction feels after having the flu. Once the alcohol is out of your system, you’ll no longer have dry mouth and that constant headache. Moreover, it won’t take you an hour or more to fully wake up, allowing you to experience mornings again.

Often, people addicted to alcohol and drugs gradually develop a nocturnal lifestyle. Hangovers that take 12 hours to sleep off won’t leave you with much time to live. Detox is the first step to rejoining the world and learning to enjoy it again.

Different drugs leave you with different “drug hangovers.” When you have an alcohol hangover, you may try coffee or OTC painkillers. You may even wake up and have a drink to ease the hangover.

With drugs, people often reach for other drugs to counteract the crash and withdrawal. However, mixing drugs is always dangerous. If you’re drug sick, you may disregard potential interactions or overdoses just to feel a little better.

You don’t have to wake up and drink or take pills just to be able to get out of bed. Detoxing gets the poison out of your body so you can start fresh.

During and After Detox

Detox isn’t fun, but it’s manageable. Daily alcohol and substance abuse hangovers aren’t fun either, but they seem never-ending. When you go into detox, you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Addiction counseling is the way to discover if a detox method is right for you. There are many ways to detox while minimizing physical discomfort. During detox, you can start learning techniques to manage your thoughts and emotions. When you return to your home life, these techniques will help you avoid using substance abuse to solve problems.

Being alive means feeling happy, sad, angry and scared. It’s not healthy to artificially suppress your emotions and physical sensations. When you develop strong coping skills during addiction treatment, you learn to work through life experiences without substance abuse.

Addiction Treatment at Spring Gardens Recovery

Located in Spring Hill, Florida, Spring Gardens Recovery offers premium detox services to help individuals begin recovery. Therapeutic amenities include Shaman-led yoga therapy and guided meditation.

We offer individual and group treatment. Living quarters have private TV and Bluetooth headsets. Professional chefs prepare meals.

If you’re ready to enter detox, we’re standing by to help you. Call Spring Gardens Recovery today at 866-244-9556.

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