Dealing with an opiate addiction can be overwhelming. Fortunately, an opiate detox can help in a big way. If you’re serious about recovery, the first step should always be a comprehensive detox program.


Medical supervision during an opiate detox is vital. Not only can medical personnel monitor patients’ physical health and stability, but they can also offer comfort during this challenging time. Patients not under medical supervision can try to use over-the-counter medications, but these can be dangerous and ineffective.

With medical detox services at Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida, patients can utilize a whole range of resources. Just some of these might include the following:

  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Guided Meditation
  • Medically Supervised Sauna
  • Music Therapy

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    Therapies and Amenities

    Spring Gardens Recovery provides luxurious amenities in a peaceful Florida atmosphere in order to promote tranquility during the detoxification process.

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    Music Therapy
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    Medically Supervised Sauna


    Recovering from an opiate addiction is a process with multiple steps. However, in order for recovery to be effective, it needs to begin with detox. An opiate detox builds the foundation for all the steps to come.

    Addiction recovery requires therapy, counseling and learning to cope with stress in healthy ways. In order for any of that to take hold, patients need to be free from the influence and impact of drug use. Our detox therapy methods help wipe the slate clean, clearing the way for progress.

    An opiate detox is the only way to truly break free from an opiate addiction. At Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida, you can detox from opiates and begin living the life you deserve.

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