More responsible regulations make it harder for people to obtain prescription pain pills than a few years ago. However, when they can’t get the pills, many people who abuse synthetic opioids begin using heroin instead. As an opiate, heroin is dangerously addictive and can cause strong withdrawal symptoms when people stop taking it. Heroin detox is the most effective way to manage these symptoms in a safe environment.


Your heroin detox experience starts with intake, a standard procedure that allows us to assess your drug use and medical history. We’ll also address any concerns you have about the process. Afterwards, we’ll assign you to an experienced counselor who will develop a detox therapy plan.

Within a few hours of taking your drug of choice for the final time, you may begin to experience physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. The severity of these symptoms often depends upon:

  • Your drug of choice
  • How long you used
  • How much you used

Depending upon your individualized plan, medical professionals may administer medication to mitigate your discomfort. Our caring staff will monitor your condition 24/7 to prevent any complications along the way.

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    Spring Gardens Recovery provides luxurious amenities in a peaceful Florida atmosphere in order to promote tranquility during the detoxification process.

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    Medically Supervised Sauna


    Heroin withdrawal symptoms can cause various complications. In some cases, for example, they inhale stomach contents when they vomit. The stomach contents block their airways, making them suffocate. Asphyxiation and other potential issues are why a medically supervised heroin detox can help.

    During medical detox, healthcare staff monitors patients to avoid complications as the heroin naturally leaves the body. They track blood pressure, breathing, heart rate and temperature levels to keep patients safe throughout the process. The medical staff also prevents self-harm and relapse.

    Heroin detox might involve medicine and therapy for people who struggle with strong symptoms and cravings. Some examples of beneficial meds include antidepressants and anti-nausea drugs. Many detox services also offer longer-acting opioid drugs for relief.

    Methadone is another common drug that professional detox centers use. It’s a low-strength, slow-acting opiate that tapers off heroin use while preventing cravings and withdrawal. It’s available under the brands Diskets, Dolophine and Methadose.


    If you or a loved one suffers from heroin abuse or addiction, Spring Gardens can help. Our detox center in Spring Hill, Florida, offers individual and group detox treatments. We aim to treat the body, mind and soul throughout the process. Some of our detox therapy options include:

    • Amino acid IV infusions
    • Pediment IV infusions
    • Shaman-led yoga and guided meditation

    Don’t let heroin control your or a loved one’s life. Ask our fully licensed staff about the proven detox methods that we use. Call Spring Gardens Recovery today at 866-244-9556 to start our seven to 10-day heroin detox program in a safe, serene environment.