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Valium Addiction

Valium addiction occurs in more people than you think. When someone abuses Valium, they suffer a range of signs and symptoms affecting their mind, body, and spirit. Changes include those of their outward physical appearance, behaviors, and speech. They also lose self-esteem, isolate, and stop enjoying daily life outside of their substance abuse.

If you love someone abusing Valium, help them get the treatment they need for a better life. But first, take a moment to learn a little more about their Valium addiction. Learning more helps you relate to their problems better, also opening doors to a conversation leading them into rehab treatment.

Signs of Valium Abuse

woman taking a pill furthering her Valium AddictionAbusing Valium creates many signs of this drug problem. You simply need to know what signs to look for in the person you love, to know if they struggle with Valium addiction.

One of the most common signs of drug use of any kind is withdrawing from friends and family, isolating oneself, and avoiding loved ones. It also indicates Valium abuse, with your loved one wanting time alone to avoid questions and concerns about their substance use disorder. When alone, they freely use their drugs without anyone judging or challenging them.

Most people start their Valium use innocently enough. They usually receive a prescription for the pills from a licensed doctor. Or they use a family member’s prescription to just “relax” a little, sleep better, or cope with stress. But soon, they start hiding their Valium use. This makes identifying their problem harder for the people around them.

Slowly over time, the person abusing Valium starts taking more of the drug with each dose. They do this as they develop a tolerance. This means they do not feel the same effects from the drug as they once did. Increasing doses next takes them to dependence, a time when they cannot function in daily life without their drug.

After dependence sets in, you possibly notice evidence of illegal drug use around your loved one’s home or in their car. Such evidence for Valium abuse includes tiny clear baggies of pills, unmarked pill containers or even doctor shopping. Doctor shopping is an illegal practice of going to multiple doctors for the same type of medications.

Outward signs that your loved one abuses the drug or suffers Valium addiction include slurred speech, lost coordination, dilated pupils, and appetite changes. It also includes a strong focus on getting more Valium, isolation to use their drug, and failing to uphold their responsibilities.

Dangers of Valium Addiction

Beyond the family and lifestyle damage that addiction to Valium causes come a long list of other problems for health and well-being. These include drowsiness, weakness, blurred vision, and skin rash. People also experience confusion, dizziness, slow breathing, irregular heartbeat, and seizures.

Regularly abusing the drug as part of an addiction causes co-occurring mental health problems. Or, the drug use flares previously unknown mental conditions. These co-occurring conditions of addiction require help from a dual diagnosis treatment center. That treatment starts in detox and continues through a course of therapies designed for healthy recovery.

Since doctors prescribe Valium for anxiety, your brain starts relying on the drug to reduce and balance your stress. So without the drug, you suffer a chemical imbalance leading to intense anxiety and depression. Long-term Valium abuse even causes brain damage to memory and cognition problems.

Because of this long list of effects and symptoms of depressant drug addiction, you need Valium treatment for yourself or your loved one. Through addiction education and treatment you avoid continued risks to your health.

Spring Gardens Recovery for Addiction to Valium

Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida provides treatment for addiction to Valium. This important detox and rehab treatment saves your life or that of your loved one. It also ends the suffering from addiction and co-occurring conditions of mental health problems.

Programs and services of Spring Gardens Recovery include:

Contact Spring Gardens Recovery now at (866) 244-9556 to learn more about Valium addiction recovery. Through this treatment, you can save your life or that of your loved one who abuses Valium.

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