Man Receiving Addiction Counseling From Woman TherapistAlcohol or drug detox is the first step toward recovery. Although getting through the withdrawal period is difficult, the real work starts with addiction counseling. Treatment that includes individual, family or group counseling addresses the cause of addiction.

Motivation to Overcome Addiction Increases

It's challenging for many people to find the motivation to quit using alcohol or drugs. The negative effects of substance abuse might be obvious to loved ones. However, those with addictions may not think that they have a problem or need treatment.

Motivational addiction counseling is an important technique. During sessions, therapists encourage patients to find reasons to stop. This form of counseling can even help them overcome their doubts and fears about quitting.

Addiction Counseling Can Change Negative Behaviors

People who have a substance use disorder initially choose to use drugs. When the disorder develops into addiction, they no longer have control over their drug use. They need drugs to function every day.

However, this compulsive need can destroy their careers and relationships. It can also destroy their health and self-esteem, as well as cause them to participate in illegal activities.

During counseling, patients learn how to recognize these negative behaviors. They also learn how to identify destructive thoughts and habits. Licensed and qualified counselors teach them how to replace these behaviors with healthier and more constructive behaviors and thoughts.

Broken Relationships Mend, New Ones Develop

Identifying and changing negative behaviors is only one step toward recovery. Mending broken relationships with children, parents and partners is the next step. Addiction counseling involving family members and close friends can help people with addiction rebuild their bonds.

Counseling also helps family members and patients learn about addiction together. Addiction education helps everyone involved understand how the disease works. It also brings families closer together so that they can provide support the recovery process.

Group counseling allows people in treatment to build new relationships. They can also build new bonds through peer support groups. These bonds give them more encouragement on their road to recovery. Additionally, group sessions show them that they aren't alone and others deal with similar problems.

Patients Learn How to Prevent Relapse

Like identifying bad behaviors, people in treatment learn how to recognize cravings and triggers. Acquiring these skills help them avoid relapse.

Relapse is common among people in addiction recovery. It might not happen for years or even decades after treatment. However, they could feel urges to start using drugs again. Some things that can trigger relapse include emotional pressure, personal hardships, social situations and stress.

Counseling addresses how to avoid these triggers so that relapse doesn't occur. Additionally, patients learn how to deal with strong cravings. This might involve developing new hobbies or participating in other activities to take their minds off of the cravings.

High-Quality Addiction Counseling Is Always Available

Whether people with an addiction need an outpatient or inpatient program, addiction counseling is available. It's also available after they complete treatment. Many patients continue going to counseling sessions to keep their motivation strong.

People in treatment or recovery may go to sessions daily, weekly or whenever they need it. Ongoing treatment reminds them of their commitment to sobriety. They might also get this encouragement from support groups.

Take the First Step Toward Recovery at Spring Gardens

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we understand the importance of detox prior to addiction counseling. Detox sets a foundation for sustainable recovery.

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Our detox services can help you regain control of your life. Overcome your addiction with help from our fully licensed staff and detox resources. Dial 866-244-9556 to get addiction detox now.