Deciding to get help for drug addiction is a step in the right direction. However, starting with Florida drug rehab centers shouldn’t be your first move. Instead, your recovery should start with detox. Studies show that people who undergo detox before rehab have a smaller chance of relapse. Starting your journey at Spring Gardens Recovery helps you build a strong foundation that makes the rest of your rehab experience easier.

The Goal of Detox

Man Considering Florida Drug Rehab CentersBefore you look for Florida drug rehab centers, you should understand the goal of drug detox. Gaining an understanding can help you grasp why detox should always come before drug rehab south florida.


The goal of detox is to remove all of the chemicals that drugs leave in your body. Keep in mind that there’s no set timeline for detox. At Spring Gardens, we see people detox at different speeds.

However, we do know some of the factors that play a role in how long it takes people to detox.

Some of these factors include:

  • How long you’ve taken drugs
  • What kind of drugs you’ve taken
  • If you have any other mental illnesses
  • How open you feel to receiving treatment

When it comes to detox, it’s important to remember this saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Sometimes, people enter detox and rehab because the law or family members force them. However, people can’t truly overcome their addiction unless they want to.

Florida Drug Rehab Centers Often Require You to Seek Detox Treatment

Most Florida drug rehab centers don’t offer on-site detox services. Before they allow you to enroll in their treatment programs, they refer you to professional detox facilities first. At Spring Gardens, we work closely with rehab programs to ensure that your transition goes smoothly.

While undergoing detox at Spring Gardens, we monitor your progress. Medical supervision helps us provide proper care and lets us know when your treatment is complete. Some of the withdrawal symptoms that you’ll experience may be extreme, but we have licensed staff members on hand to ensure that you remain safe during detox.

Rebuild Friendships and Family Relationships

Drugs make you push away the people who you love the most. The best way to rebuild these bonds is to get help and prove to them that you want to change.

Spring Gardens can help you do just that. We can also build a strong and steady foundation for your rehab experience. Doing so should help you avoid relapse in the future.

Let Spring Gardens Help You Take Your Life Back

Detox and rehab are both important steps when it comes to overcoming addiction. Make sure that you don’t skip that first step. At Spring Gardens, we’re proud to offer an upscale detox experience. We achieve this upscale feel with amenities such as professional chefs and private TVs.

When it comes to treatment, Spring Gardens focuses on proven detox methods. However, we also offer a number of addiction therapy options. We use these alternatives in conjunction with proven methods to provide a comprehensive experience.The right holistic approaches can help you reduce stress and relieve pain naturally.

Some of the different treatment options that we offer include:

Start your addiction recovery journey off the right way. Call Spring Gardens Recovery today at 866-244-9556.