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6 Reasons Why The Holidays Are the Perfect Time to Begin Addiction Treatment in South Florida


You’re feeling it. You know that your drinking or drug use is more of a problem than you want it to be. You’re having a hard time telling yourself that you’re in control of it…that it’s not in control of you. Or maybe you’re well beyond that.

Looking at the next couple of months…it’s the holidays. The busiest, partying-est, and sometimes most lonely time of the year.

“After,” you tell yourself.

But drinking and drug use don’t take a holiday during the holidays. Stress, anxiety,and loneliness give you even more excuses to partake–and alcohol tends to flow at office Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve bashes, and family gatherings.

Don’t let drugs or alcohol continue to drag you down this holiday season. Give yourself a gift–a new life. We have 6 reasons why the holidays are a perfect time to begin your recovery by entering into an inpatient treatment program:

1. You won’t be alone for the holidays.

If you take this time of the year to enter treatment, you’ll be with people who completely understand what you’re going through. Not only will you have counselors and other staff around, you’ll have other people who are beginning their recovery and you can lend support to each other through these first weeks.

If you don’t normally have family and friends around you, this will be a welcome change. At Spring Gardens, when you join our program, you join our family. You won’t be alone.

2. If family stress is an issue, you’ll avoid that, too.

“The holidays are about family.” Even though we still love our families, many of us in recovery don’t come from happy family experiences, and going home reopens old wounds. Those unhealthy interactions may be behind the reasons why we turn to substances–depression, anxiety, and trauma are often behind why we drink or do drugs. We want to forget, relax, or feel better.

Entering treatment during this time let’s you focus on recovery and gives you a whole year to develop new ways to interact with your family and figure out how to handle next year.

If the best of your family happens to be a pet, your pet is welcome to accompany you to Spring Gardens Recovery…in fact, we encourage it.

3. Alcohol often flows freely during the holidays

Christmas parties, family gatherings, and other festivities often go hand in hand with wine, egg nog, and an open bar.

If you’re already feeling out of control regarding alcohol and you want things to change, attending these “obligatory” events isn’t going to help you.

Avoid the chaos and potentially embarrassing situations. Decide that now is the time to go into treatment. You’ll still be around people who like and value you, and you’ll learn how to have a different kind of good time.

4. A Change in Climate Can Mean a Change in Mood

We underestimate the role that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) plays in substance abuse. When the days are dark and cold, self-medicating with alcohol and other mood-altering substances warms things up…or feels like it does.

Spring Gardens Treatment Center is located in Tampa, Florida. You can start your recovery with sunshine and beaches to give your mood a boost. You’ll feel like you’re walking out of a dismal cave and into the light.

5. We’ll do the cooking

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we have extraordinary chefs who will keep you well-fed through the holidays. We bring together the finest ingredients that nourish your body and help it to heal from the nutritional deficiencies that go along with substance abuse disorder.

You’ll dine with other residents who are your Spring Gardens family. It’ll be a new way to spend the holidays.

6. New Year, New Outlook

We all know what New Year’s Resolutions are, and whether we are fans or not, significant dates like New Years or birthdays give us an additional push toward change.

End the sickness and pain with 2019. Begin 2020 with a new start–a gift to yourself. Our professional staff is here to help you ring out the old year and ring in a new life at our treatment center in Florida.

Call us at (866)244-8013 or contact us online–any time day or night. We’ll help you begin the process.

Lora Horn is a writer in Escondido, CA. She covers psychology and recovery issues because humanity is fascinating. When she’s not writing, she’s usually enjoying a nice cup of tea with her cat cuddled by her side.

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