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3 Benefits Of Florida Alcohol Detox

man ponders the 3 Benefits Of Florida Alcohol Detox

It doesn’t really matter how you got to this point. What does matter is that you realize your alcohol abuse is out of control. You want to stop, and you want to do so now. 3 benefits of Florida alcohol detox could persuade you that this is the right time.

1. Enjoy Relaxation at a Spa-Like Facility

What keeps many people out of detox is the fear of a clinical environment. You don’t want to languish in a hospital ward. Of the 3 benefits of Florida alcohol detox, the availability of spacious surroundings is a crucial element. You want to feel like you’re at a relaxing spa, not at a high-volume clinic.

2. Physiological Safety and Comfort Rank toward the Top of the 3 Benefits of Florida Alcohol Detox

Withdrawal symptoms aren’t fun. There are gastrointestinal upset, muscle cramps, and psychological symptoms. There’s also the possibility of delirium tremens with associated seizure activity. However, a medically supervised detox keeps you safe.

Medical professionals ensure that you stay comfortable. Pharmacological support takes away pain and keeps you healthy. If a medical emergency does occur, help is there right away. Knowing this makes you feel safe.

3. A Smooth Transition to Rehab

man ponders the 3 Benefits Of Florida Alcohol DetoxDetox services are only the beginning of treatment for an alcohol use disorder. To break the psychological aspect of the addiction, you need to undergo rehab. There, you work with therapists to uncover why you took that first drink. Therefore, select a facility that offers detox and rehab on the same campus.

Doing so cuts down on the lag time between medical and clinical care. As a result, you’re less likely to relapse right after detoxification. Good-quality facilities now also offer a stabilization program between detox and rehab. It allows for an in-depth fact-finding opportunity that aids in the customization of your recovery.

What to Look for in an Excellent Facility

Detox isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment. Your alcohol use disorder is different in severity and symptom development from someone else’s. As a result, you need medical care that meets your requirements. Look for modalities that could include:

  • Customization of care that takes into account your progress
  • Amino acid IV infusions for physical health and stamina
  • IV Therapy that prevents dehydration
  • Pharmacological support for pain control and management of discomfort during withdrawal
  • Nutritional therapy as well as sauna access for overall wellbeing

Combine this level of medical care in a tranquil setting that promotes relaxation. Nobody rushes you. You spend time taking walks and relaxing in front of a private TV. When you want company, you meet up with peers in a lounge setting for games and chitchat.

Setting the Tone for Recovery

When you do the detox portion of treatment right, it sets the tone for the rest of recovery. Your rehab will be a smooth transition that continues in the same vein. Doing so enables you to spend your time healing. You also begin making plans for the time after discharge.

For example, you may decide that you want to undergo some job training to make a change. Maybe you want to return to school. Some people choose to move to a different city to get away from peer groups. Now is an excellent time to make plans and talk them through with a therapist.

Reaching out for Help at Spring Gardens Recovery

Of course, before you can start making plans for discharge, it’s time to sign up for detox. Now that you know about the top 3 benefits of Florida alcohol detox choose a facility that makes it happen. Spring Gardens is the Florida treatment center that offers you this level of care – and more. Contact Spring Gardens Recovery today by calling (866) 244-9556 now.

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