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What is EAP?

what is EAP

You’ve likely heard your employer offers an EAP program. But what is EAP and how does it provide solutions for your addiction problem? Who can help me get answers to, “What is EAP?” Disturbed young man asking boss what is EAP and why do you recommend it?

Whether you suffer addiction to drugs or alcohol, it affects your work performance. This is true even when you only use substances outside work hours. Addiction affects your health and brain functioning, whether you realize it or not. These effects, in turn, hurt your job performance and attendance.

So, what is an EAP? An EAP is an employee assistance program. This program helps you overcome personal problems affecting your work. In other words, EAP programs help you gain addiction treatment so you keep your job. All of this help is confidential with protections from several federal laws.

How Does EAP Confidentially Help Me Get into Detox?

To use your EAP benefits, you simply start by contacting your EAP representative. Your supervisor may also refer you to your EAP manager. This representative is either in the company or a third-party, outside contact. Either way, it protects your confidentiality and other laws protect you even further.

If you suffer alcohol addiction, that addiction is a medical disease. This status as a legitimate disease means you gain the protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the ADA. Under the ADA, your employer cannot discriminate against you or fire you for your addiction. If you suffer drug addiction, your employer cannot discriminate against you after your drug use ends.

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) permits you up to 12 weeks of leave time in a year without compromising your job. Under the FMLA, you can go to detox, rehab, attend support group meetings or otherwise miss work for your alcohol or drug addiction treatment. You can take this leave all at once or intermittently.

Your EAP representative talks through your problems with you. They provide an EAP assessment and determine how addiction affects your job. Your EAP rep develops a treatment plan, so you can get the help you need and return to work in better health.

What is EAP and How Does It Help Plan A Healthier Future?

You and your EAP representative develop a treatment plan together. This includes conditions for leave and returning to work. It also outlines services you’ll receive during your leave. You should always read the confidentiality section of your EAP treatment plan, so you understand the guarantee of confidentiality.

Your EAP representative outlines requirements for returning to work after employee assistance program Florida detox and other services. Some people receive return-to-work agreements detailing your conditions for continued employment. Finally, your EAP representative refers you to a detox you agree on. You can also talk to a detox center you’re interested in first, for more information about “what is EAP” and how to use your program for greatest benefit toward detox services.

Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida provides a tranquil detox experience in an upscale environment. Call Spring Gardens Recovery now for the help you need at (866) 244-9556. You can ask Spring Gardens’ addiction specialist, “What is EAP and how can it help me?”

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