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What Does Holistic Rehab Tampa Look Like?

What Does Holistic Rehab Tampa Look Like

What Does Holistic Rehab Tampa Look Like?

Struggling with addiction is exhausting. When you’re ready to break the chains, you want to find recovery in a holistic approach. A holistic rehab Tampa facility like Spring Gardens Recovery is the exact place to offer you support, encouragement, education, and freedom from your addiction. Our caring and compassionate staff knows that holistic therapy is the best way to individualize your treatment. Holistic rehab Tampa doesn’t just help you find freedom from addiction; we help you find a new, positive outlook on life.

How Holistic Rehab Tampa Facilities Treat The “Whole You”

Holistic therapies differ from traditional treatments in many different ways. The most important difference is we focus on your mind, body, and soul while we work with you to achieve recovery. A holistic approach is one that gets you ready for life past recovery. In doing so, we address the physical, mental, and spiritual health issues. We look at your healing from all of those angles. In doing so, we’re able to acknowledge the root causes of your addiction.

A holistic rehab treatment plan differs from a more traditional rehabilitation program in that it looks to help you achieve optimal wellness and a unified body-mind-spirit attitude after recovery. Helping you break free of addiction from drugs or alcohol is the main purpose behind both traditional and holistic approaches. However, a holistic approach will also include some treatment protocols you’d find in integrative medicine. For instance, a holistic approach to rehab might consist of mindful meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and more.

This doesn’t mean that the approaches we find in traditional rehab are missing; a holistic approach may still include detoxification, behavioral, group, and individual counseling and exercise. They’ll also include additional methods that include a focus on spiritual, physical, and mental aspects.

Holistic Rehab: What Does It Look Like?

At Spring Gardens Recovery, holistic rehabilitation takes on a unique look. First and foremost, we comprehensively look at your recovery process—taking your individual needs and situations into consideration. We want to help you get to the root cause of your addictions, but we also want to help you prepare for a better life when your recovery program is over. Whether that means you start with detox before you participate in our residential treatment program or not, our ultimate goal is to help you recover and prepare you for your new sober journey ahead.

No matter the length of your treatment, a holistic approach will include an assessment to create the most effective treatment plan for you. We offer many traditional holistic rehab amenities like yoga therapy, guided meditation therapy, nutritional therapy, and exercise therapy. We also utilize music therapy, pet therapy, massage, cupping, and medical sauna treatments to help give you the best recovery success.[1]

The Benefits of Holistic Rehab Tampa Over Conventional Rehab

In offering these Eastern medicines and experiential therapies, we pull ahead of conventional therapy facilities. We know that research suggests that experiential therapy can make a difference when you’re in detox.[2] When you participate in experiential therapies we offer, you’re working to lower your stress levels and interact with other people positively. When struggling with addiction, stress levels may not be healthy, and positive interpersonal relationships may not be substantial. Engaging in music or pet therapy can help balance your stress and put you on a path that supports your personal growth in a way that would encourage positive interpersonal engagements. Having better relationship skills and hobby opportunities helps you pivot your addiction focus and offers you a different, positive path for your sober living.

Combine all of the benefits of holistic approaches focused on your body, mind, and spirit with luxurious accommodations and healthy, nutritional meals prepared by our chefs, and Spring Gardens Recovery stands out as a premier holistic rehab Tampa facility.

Holistic Rehab Tampa: The Spring Gardens Recovery Difference

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we pride ourselves on our perspective. We believe that perspective is crucial for you as you go through rehabilitation as well. That’s why we offer a Non-12-Step Recovery program.

We believe that a traditional 12-step program only looks at your addiction. Our holistic, alternative program will look at you as a whole person—and not just as an addiction that needs treatment.

We also recognize that a traditional 12-step program will ultimately have you focus on rebuilding not just your life, but your relationship with God or a higher power. This may prove beneficial for those who have strong religious or faith beliefs. But if you don’t share those beliefs, you may be uncomfortable.[3] At Spring Gardens Recovery, we never want you to feel uncomfortable or awkward about your faith system (or lack thereof). We provide a 12-step alternative that allows you to break down your addiction triggers, grow in your confidence as you break addiction chains, and stand firm in your defense against relapse.

Addiction is destructive, but not just to your body or your mind or your spirit. It’s harmful to all three facets of who you are. The holistic rehab approach that Spring Gardens offers will give you a place to break the addiction and work toward a peaceful, substance-free life. Our facilities are full of amenities that allow you to focus on what you need to find freedom from addiction. We want to help you achieve lasting recovery; contact us today to take the first step.


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