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Used CT Scanner Omaha

Many medical facilities lack the funds to buy new medical equipment. They opt for used machines, which will offer the same service at a reduced cost. As much as this is a more affordable option, buying a used CT scanner has risks that could turn the investment into a money pit.

A used CT scanner could have been in use for up to 12 years at all times of the working days. The hospitals decide to dispose of the old machine and replace it with a newer one. The old one may still be in good condition, or it may lack the functionalities that make a CT scanner to have an excellent operation.

Two types of used CT scanners


These machines do not go through the manufacturer for evaluation and adjustment. Third-party firms that offer testing services may not understand the complete mechanism of a used CT scanner in Omaha. The machine could have misalignments, problems with the configuration and calibration issues. The inferiority of these used scanners poses a threat to the users and the patients.


The manufacturer who built the original scanner already knows the engineering requirements involved. They also have the tools, parts, and locations that support convenient assembling of CT scanner parts. The engineer assesses each piece and determines which ones are worth reusing. The replaced parts are usually original and offer extended service. These grades of used machines tend to be pricier than the latter.

What to expect from a refurbished CT scanner

  • Longer life expectancy
  • Higher resale value
  • Mechanical and cosmetic improvement, which could include new paint, fiberglass and sanding work
  • Upgraded software

CT scanner available at Brown’s Medical Imaging comes in two brands:

  • Neusoft – The firm began its operation in 2006 and has grown to understand the complex demands of anatomical imaging. The products produce high-quality images and sound that stay within the set budget.
  • Glassbeam – The firm leads in the manufacture of the most substantial quantity of ultrasound technology.

Specifications to look for when buying a used CT scanner

Coverage area

More slices on the scanner do not necessarily translate to better performance. The best criterion is to check how much anatomy the scanner images at a single go.  

Rotation speed

The speed of the gantry determines the resolution of the image. This essential aspect will define the clarity of high-density areas with constant movements, such as the heart and lungs.

Patient volume

The components ought to support a decent amount of workflow while maintaining quality images.

Reduced workflow

CT scan systems have the risk of exposing patients to extra radiation when the medic increases the frequency of the scan.

Improved resolution

Small anatomical features require a scanner with higher precision settings. Find out the value of the image’s resolution on the enlisted descriptions or talk to a Brown’s Medical Imaging staff for further help.


The technical aspect of a machine is vital in setting the lifespan of operation. A used CT scanner in Omaha should include a warranty that offers superior coverage services.

Used CT Scanner Omaha
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