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Spring Gardens Recovery offers comprehensive rehabilitation services for everyone affected by drug addiction or alcoholism. The program that we’re using relies on a unique and innovative approach, combining classic medicine with advanced psychotherapies and spiritual healing. Substance addiction is a layered disorder whose side-effects may linger for years, long after completing the rehabilitation program.

At our treatment center in Tampa, you will participate in one of the most innovative rehab strategies in the industry. We look at the rehab process through a different lens. Years of practice have taught us that substance addiction gradually destroys the individual on all fronts – physical, mental, and spiritual.

Our rehab program follows the same pattern, relying on three vital strategies for long-lasting benefits:

Physical stabilization and recovery

The chemical detoxification is the first process that you’ll need to complete. Under the supervision of our clinicians and counselors, you will participate in a detox program based on medication and therapeutic support. As you will overcome the withdrawal phase, the detoxification treatment will:

  • Restore your healthy mental functioning
  • Cleanse your system of toxins
  • Stabilize the behavior and emotional display
  • Counter the symptoms of the co-occurring disorders
  • Eliminate the substance-craving behavior
  • Prevent the relapse during the rehab treatment, etc.

It’s a vital stage in the recovery process that all patients will need to endure. For safety reasons, we advise you against any self-detox attempts. It’s better to leave specialists to handle the procedure, to further prevent unforeseen complications.

Psychological and emotional healing

Long-term drug and alcohol abuse will affect you mentally and emotionally as well. At our treatment center in Tampa, we have devised an intricate approach consisting of mental recovery and emotional healing. Most victims of prolonged substance abuse end up developing different forms of co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression. Many others deal with internalized emotional traumas, sometimes dating back since childhood.

In both cases, leaving these problems untreated will serve as the ideal basis for relapse in the future. To prevent such a scenario, we’re offering extensive psychological support during the rehab treatment. Under the guidance of our clinicians, you will:

  • Grow more positive and confident
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Find relief from your co-occurring diseases
  • Become emotionally stable long-term
  • Focus on the positive emotions and avoid the negative ones
  • Accept your faults and work on constantly improving yourself
  • Acquire an improved set of moral values
  • Work towards achieving life-defining goals, etc.

Spiritual rejuvenation

The thing that makes substance addiction such a scary disease is the fact that it kills your spirit. Years of continuous abuse will render you incapable of enjoying life anymore. At our treatment center in Tampa, we will reignite your spirit once more, allowing you to see, taste, and enjoy life in all its charming details.

We offer guided meditation, sauna, yoga, massage therapy, as well as music sessions, pet therapy, and art classes. You will learn how to express your emotions, share them with others, and become more joyful and spiritually healthy. Spring Gardens Recovery is in the avant-garde in the war against substance addiction. With our help, you will win the war.

Treatment Center Tampa
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Treatment Center Tampa
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