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When you think of a drug treatment center in South Florida, what picture comes to mind for you? If you've been to drug rehab before, you might not need to imagine! Most drug rehabs exist to serve a need in the community, but not long after they open their doors, they find out that keeping their doors open is a real challenge. The solution? Most rehabs change direction from providing exceptional addiction treatment to protecting their bottom lines. And how do they protect their bottom lines? By streamlining addiction treatment, admitting as many patients at a time as they can, and by cutting costs whenever and wherever possible. While this might work for the drug treatment centers in question, their patients are the ones who take a hit (pardon the pun).

On the other hand, Spring Gardens Recovery is a drug treatment center in South Florida that doesn't have this dilemma. Because we are backed by dedicated donors, and because we manage our resources effectively, we're able to both provide some of the best addiction treatment services in Florida and not have to worry about 'going out of business.'

We Do Things Differently Because 'Different' Works for Our Patients

Spring Gardens Recovery takes an entirely unique approach to addiction treatment. Think of us as an outside-the-box rehab. If you think of addiction as a toothache, then most of the drug treatment centers in Florida are aspirin. They don't fix the problem that's causing the toothache. They just make the tooth stop hurting for a while. Inevitably, the toothache returns and worsens until critical mass is reached. At Spring Gardens Recovery, we administer aspirin for toothaches as well, but we also open up your mouth, bring in the dentist, and fix the problem, so to speak, so that the pain doesn't come back.

Spring Gardens Recovery is a leading drug rehab in South Florida that's dedicated to both the short-term and long-term recovery of our clients. Our treatment model is based on getting to the root of addiction problems, addressing all patient needs and concerns, and using the best of traditional and modern addiction treatment science.

Spring Gardens Recovery is Small for Your Benefit

Don't waste your time with a drug treatment center that's over-crowded and has high relapse rates. Come to Spring Gardens Recovery and get the treatment you need. We've got the facilities, the tools, the resources, and the specialists to help you get clean and stay clean!

Spring Gardens Recovery is a smaller drug rehab in South Florida. We prefer to stay small for several reasons, the primary ones being as follows:

1. Staying small enables us to concentrate our resources on our patients better.

2. Staying small lets us admit only those who truly seek to better themselves, which translates into a drug rehab facility that's more conducive to patient recovery success.

3. Staying small allows us to get to know our patients and tailor our treatment to their needs.

For a drug treatment center in South Florida that does its part in helping people overcome their substance abuse struggles, contact Spring Gardens Recovery today, or take a virtual tour on the Home page of this website.

Treatment Center South Florida
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Treatment Center South Florida
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