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If you’re determined to leave addiction behind, join us, at Spring Gardens Recovery today! We know how devastating this disease is for you, your family, and all those around you. It is a progressive illness that will slowly take everything away from you if you don’t act now. Fortunately, we have a solution for you.

Our rehabs in Tampa grant you access to one of the most reliable and comprehensive treatments in the industry. What makes us unique, aside from the professional staff, top amenities, outstanding location, and leading rehab programs is the philosophy. We have a different approach to the rehabilitation process.

The system we’re using functions on the idea that every patient has a different profile than everyone else. People differ in biological functioning, they differ mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Advanced substance addiction will affect you on all levels, inflicting long-lasting damages over time. Our philosophical approach has led us to create a powerful holistic treatment relying on four core procedures:

Targeted clinical detoxification – The detoxification process marks the beginning of the rehab treatment. During the procedure, our clinician will prescribe a targeted medication strategy for the following several days, with the detox process usually extending for about ten days. Depending on your symptoms and the severity of the withdrawal, the doctor will adjust the treatment to ease the discomfort during the cold turkey and alleviate the manifestations.

Behavioral therapies – Therapeutic healing is the bread-and-butter of any high-end rehab treatment. They serve to stabilize your behavior, cleanse the negative thoughts and emotions, address emotional traumas, and promote confidence, self-esteem, and determination. During our rehabs in Tampa, we will help you rediscover your true self, the committed, confident, and strong survivor inside you, ready for a new life.

Holistic healing – Your spirit needs just as much support and healing as your body and mind. You will participate in a variety of recreative activities like massage, guided yoga, pet therapy, expressive arts, sauna, and meditation, meant to promote positivity and mindfulness. By interacting with other patients, during our numerous group activities, you will improve your social skills, make friends, and have an unforgettable good time.

Lifestyle adjustments and relapse prevention – We believe that the real test of determination begins after the completion of the rehab treatment. It’s when you get back home that you will finally be in control of your own life. How you take it from there depends solely on you. Our experts will share all their knowledge during the rehabs in Tampa, teaching you how to adopt a healthier lifestyle for a lifetime.

The rehabilitation process will never end. Once you have fallen victim to substance addiction, the relapse will always remain a danger. To prevent that, you will need to adopt smart lifestyle changes, including in nutrition, hobbies, career, workout routine, and the social and familial environment.

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we want to help you get back on the right track. Don’t allow addiction to define your life – you are better than that!

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