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The substance rehabilitation process is difficult but necessary. You can’t allow addiction to take control over your life and we, at Spring Gardens Recovery, are here to provide our support. We urge you to join one of the most comprehensive rehab treatments in the business.

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Tampa, Florida, relies on a multi-disciplinary approach that combines clinical treatment with holistic healing for life-lasting results. The holistic philosophy that we’re using analyzes the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit. Prolonged substance addiction will deliver extensive and progressive side-effects, affecting patients physically, mentally, and emotionally along the way.

To stop that, reverse the damages, and ensure a fast recovery rate, we use programs like:

Preliminary Clinical Assessment – The initial stage consists of diagnosing and assessing your health status, mental state, medical history, clinical profile, etc. This information will help our clinicians understand the nature and the severity of the disorder, allowing them to build the rehab treatment accordingly.

Detox Services – While the detoxification process may create some discomfort, it is the first line of attack against addiction. At our center, you’ll have some of the best specialists in the field supervising the operation. On average, the withdrawal symptoms will last approximately ten days, peaking about 72 hours in and decreasing in intensity after that. During the detox, you will follow a strict medication plan, aiming to reduce the pain, minimize the severity of the manifestations, and stabilize your psychological functioning.

Clinical Therapy – Our targeted substance rehab in Tampa, Florida, relies on a multitude of behavioral and social therapies, meant to stabilize and improve your condition. Here we include procedures like CBT, DBT, individual counseling, group and family therapy, expressive arts, etc. The long-term benefits will be life-changing, as you will grow more emotionally stable, confident, honest, and determined to pursue a better future.

Holistic Healing – In other words – spiritual rejuvenation. We know how debilitating substance addiction can become, especially in the more advanced cases. One of the scariest side-effects is the fact that it destroys your spirit. At our center in Tampa, Florida, we will remind you of the world’s beauty like you never thought you'd see it again. Along with other patients at our center, you will participate in activities like guided meditation, yoga, massage, sauna, acupuncture, moxa treatment, etc. Everything is meant to support a healthy, natural release of endorphins to uplift the spirit and bring everyone together.

Relapse prevention – The long-term relapse prevention strategy is the key to a drug-free, healthy lifestyle. Our counselors will teach you the core principles of changing your lifestyle completely. We are talking about adopting a healthier diet, becoming more socially active, pursue a career, and avoid social triggers over the years.

We urge you to join our substance rehab in Tampa, Florida, and set your life straight! When it comes to substance addiction, the more you wait, the worse it will get. Contact us, at Spring Gardens Recovery, and tell us your story! Our doors will be open to you.

Rehab Tampa Florida
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Rehab Tampa Florida
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