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If your substance addiction is worsening by the day, contact us, at Spring Gardens Recovery right away! When it comes to advanced substance addiction, you have no time to waste. We’re talking about a progressive and deadly illness that’s difficult to repel and often comes with high relapse rates.

Our substance rehab in Tampa is the best chance you’ve got to set your life straight. Don’t attempt to self-detox, as you might end up worsening your condition. Hospitalization is not an option either since the staff isn’t qualified for therapeutic support and long-term relapse prevention. We are.

With vast experience in substance rehabilitation and therapy, we have created a comprehensive recovery strategy that works on a holistic principle. We believe that anything affecting the body will consequently affect the mind and spirit of the patient. With that philosophy guiding us, we offer you programs like:

Clinical detoxification – The first step in the recovery treatment is medication-based detoxification. The clinician will prescribe a personalized medication plan to counter the symptoms of withdrawal, reduce the discomfort during the cold turkey, and stabilize your mental functioning. Medication is also necessary for cleansing the body of toxins and reducing the cravings to prevent short-term relapse.

Optimized nutritional intake – Long-term substance addiction will impact your body’s ability to assimilate nutrients. Malnutrition is a common problem that comes in the same package with prolonged substance addiction. Fortunately, our nutritionists will get you back on track, by devising an optimized nutritional strategy for the long haul.

Behavioral therapies – Behavioral therapies are a critical component of our rehab in Tampa. Substance rehabilitation is a battle of the mind before anything else. Therapies like CBT, DBT, holistic healing, and procedures coming from Eastern medicine will help you come out on top. You will slowly become more confident, positive, and mentally and emotionally strong and healthy.

Spiritual healing – The spirit needs just as much care and support as the body. When recovering from addiction, the first thing you’ll need to learn is how to enjoy life again. Through activities like sauna, guided meditation, yoga, massage therapy, arts, and music, you will rediscover the long-lost beauty of a life worth living.

Education and relapse prevention – We promote education as a key component in the relapse prevention strategy. The more educated you are, the wiser the life choices you’ll be making over the years. And we’ll teach you everything you should know about rebuilding your future. Here we include tips on nutrition, on adopting a more active lifestyle, building a career, fixing your family issues, etc.

Have courage and fight for what’s yours! Our program of substance rehab in Tampa allows you the opportunity to start life anew. We offer a welcoming environment in a friendly community full of people genuinely interested in your well-being. Verify your insurance online and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

We invite you to Spring Gardens Recovery to rediscover your true potential! You are a survivor – act like it!

Rehab Tampa
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Rehab Tampa
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