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Many Pathways to Recovery: A Holistic Approach to Getting Clean

Many Pathways to Recovery

Man Exploring the MountainsMany Pathways to Recovery: A Holistic Approach to Getting Clean

When I got clean this time I was open to any and all methods of getting clean. Herbs, oils, dances, chants, you name it I had/have a wide-open mind about the possibilities. Hell, if you could have proven to me that not wearing shoes to work on Wednesdays was the answer to me never using again, then not only would I not have worn shoes on Wednesdays, but I probably would have quit wearing them altogether!

My mind is way more open to new, innovative and alternative ideas that are far from the traditional self-help groups I used to attend as the back bone of my addiction recovery. I have also been exploring other people’s means of recovery as well. I have been reading a little about the use of yoga and meditation as a support to aid you in your recovery and I like some of the stuff I am finding. It seems very spiritual and I like that.

I have always believed that spirituality played a huge factor in my addiction and in all of my life in my opinion. So, to not attack that portion of it seems to me unwise. I think that instead of my addiction being of the variety that can succeed through traditional treatment measures. Mine, and I believe oh so many more, have addictions that need to be treated on a much broader scope.

It makes sense to me. The human being is very complex and made up of mind, body, and spirit so if there are methods out there that can be incorporated with the traditional ones used as the industry standard today, then why would we not utilize them? If we are all truly on the same team and in this thing together, shouldn’t we celebrate and embrace that possibility?

In my quest for information on these topics, I have also uncovered a bit of information from firsthand experience that I find to be a bit unnerving. It seems that not everyone is really open to embracing those possibilities of new and alternative treatment methods. It’s almost like there is a bit of resistance from the establishment towards the new folks who are bravely bringing forward these latest ideas.

I don’t know, I guess I just assumed last year when I showed up at the door of this wonderful community that everybody had the same goal, kicking substance-use disorder straight in the butt! I was naïve’. I found that everybody says that is the primary purpose of all our endeavors, but if one takes a little bit closer of a look, (and not that much closer of one either). If a person takes an inquisitive gander, you may begin to notice quite the contrary lurking in the motives of some of the community.

It’s all good. I mean I do get it. Everybody has operating expenses, everybody’s labor deserves some kind of compensation, and human beings need capital to pay the mortgage and feed the kids. Very awesome. I am all aboard with that and I am not bringing this up to take that away from anyone. Heck, one day, I too would love to sustain a healthy living through online work, but that’s for my God to decide, not me.

No, I bring this up one, because I just ran across it at my own blog, Recovery Uncensored. I keep it real and talk about everything that affects my life and my recovery simply because that is how my mind processes its thoughts and feelings (Holistic, healthy, natural.)

I simply brought it up not to hate the player, but the game. To say to you all, can’t we at least try to all get along here in our pursuit of trying to save the world, one still suffering addict at a time? Can’t we put my way is better ego’s behind us and at least sit down at the same table and discuss the possibilities of incorporating the new treatment regimens with the old if they look like they may work?

That is all that I am saying. Addiction is one big demon that is far more than just one or two of us can defeat. It is going to take an army to win this war and an army divided, is no army at all. Remember my friends;

“Alone we don’t stand a chance, but together, we can change the world!”

About the Author

Author Marc McMahonMarc McMahon is a 48-year-old author, speaker, and soldier against the disease of addiction. He resides in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Marc’s hobbies include writing, mountain biking, hiking, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Marc is also the proud father, of one very outstanding young man. As Marc always likes to say “Be blessed, my friends.” Marc is also the proud father, of one very outstanding young man.

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