Outpatient Treatment Center Tampa

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we promote one of the best rehabilitation protocols in the field of drug and alcohol rehab. Our outpatient treatment center in Tampa relies on a unique rehab approach, promoting stability, recovery, long-term sobriety, and extensive lifestyle improvements. We can handle all cases of addiction, offering personalized treatment approaches for immediate recovery and long-lasting results.

How does rehab work?

The rehabilitation process is rather straightforward in theory but complex and flexible in practice. Substance addiction doesn’t affect all people the same, and that’s truer the more variations you add to the equation. Here we include the substance used, length of use, additional co-occurring disorders, the patient’s medical history, etc. To make sure we achieve optimal rehab goals in all situations, we have built a gradual rehab system based on a multidisciplinary approach.

These stages include:

  • Clinical intake and assessment – The intake phase consists of clinical examination and data gathering. Our clinicians will extract information about your addiction, medical history, and potential co-occurring disorders to form a personalized recovery plan.
  • Medical detoxification – The detoxification program relies on the assessment phase to deliver optimal results. The goal of the detox procedure is to remove the substance from the nervous system and blood, help you overcome withdrawal safely, prevent short-term relapse, and reset the addicted brain. Detox is essential in most situations, even when it might not seem that obvious. Only a certified clinician can assess your condition correctly and recommend adequate medical treatment.
  • Inpatient/residential treatment – The inpatient treatment follows detox and helps patients focus on sobriety and healing. Our outpatient treatment center in Tampa offers a relaxing recovery environment, therapeutic support, counseling sessions, individual and group therapy, etc. During the program, our professionals will help you make plans for the future, understand your addiction and risks of relapse, and learn how to avoid social triggers.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – IOP offers a minimum of nine hours per week for treatment, urinary analysis sessions, therapy, and counseling. It follows residential treatment and builds on its foundation to promote sobriety, stability, and a clean lifestyle.
  • Outpatient program – The outpatient treatment requires eight hours of recovery sessions per week, and it’s the ideal choice for patients who have completed the inpatient program or IOP. It’s also the optimal option for individuals who don’t need intensive care and have social and professional duties to attend to.
  • Aftercare – The aftercare program relies on relapse prevention education and teaching accountability and responsibility. What you’ll learn during this recovery stage will stick with you for the rest of your life.

The best drug and alcohol rehab

If you need immediate clinical assistance with your addiction, come to our outpatient treatment center in Tampa! We offer personalized detox, therapies, and counseling to guide you on your new path in life.

Spring Gardens Recovery is ready to hear your story. Contact us, ask for information about your insurance coverage, and speak to a counselor about your issues! There is a cure for addiction, which comes in the form of commitment, knowledge, and accountability.

Outpatient Treatment Center Tampa
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Outpatient Treatment Center Tampa
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