Outpatient Treatment center Florida

Spring Gardens Recovery provides access to the most advanced and luxurious outpatient treatment center in Florida. We have designed our programs to cope with even the most advanced conditions helping as many people as possible find the treatment they need. Here’s what you can find at our outpatient treatment center:

A structured treatment approach

The rehabilitation program makes for a complex journey that could last for years to come. It comprises multiple disciplines and recovery modalities along the way as part of a structured treatment strategy. Some of these modalities and recovery programs include:

  • Clinical detoxification
  • Residential care
  • Two-week stabilization program
  • Men’s and Women’s detox program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Executive rehab program
  • Holistic therapy, etc.

This rehab approach allows our experts to identify the patient’s overarching problems, pinpoint the triggers responsible for the harmful behaviors, and provide fast and relevant solutions. Our structured approach allows us to provide our patients with long-lasting care if they need it.

Comprehensive outpatient services

Most rehab facilities stress the importance of inpatient care, overlooking the clear benefits of the outpatient program. The outpatient program is one of the most effective weapons in our arsenal, allowing our health experts, psychologists, and rehab professionals to provide long-term assistance and guidance.

Completing the inpatient treatment and facing the prospect of returning home is often a stressful experience for many addiction victims. Lacking a sense of structure and support post-rehab will inevitably lead to relapse, often soon after completing the inpatient treatment. Our outpatient program fixes this problem by ensuring a network of community support after the residential treatment.

Some of our core services at our outpatient treatment center in Florida include:

  • Individual therapy – Discussing one-on-one with a psychologist about your past trauma, emotional imbalances, and harmful thoughts and behaviors. The expert will help you know yourself better, control your emotions, and learn the underlying triggers fueling your behavior.
  • Group therapy – Connecting patients with other individuals struggling with similar problems. Group therapy sessions promote openness, honesty, and a supportive and non-judgmental discussion setting.
  • Family therapy – Our family members can participate in the program and learn more about your condition and how they can help. Their assistance will prove invaluable over time, providing you with moral and spiritual support during your recovery journey.

Long-term sobriety maintenance assistance

Our outpatient program focuses on long-term sobriety maintenance, helping patients stick to a healthy and balanced lifestyle over the years. To achieve that, we teach patients how to:

  • Control their cravings and negative desires and impulses
  • Identify and counter social or familial triggers
  • Prevent relapse by avoiding social circles condoning drug or alcohol abuse
  • Focus on positivity and optimism long-term
  • Work for a more flourishing and satisfying career
  • Engage in new, healthy, and exhilarating hobbies
  • Make new friends, find a reliable partner, and fix broken relationships, etc.

If you’re interested in our outpatient treatment center in Florida, contact Spring Gardens Recovery today and discuss your treatment options. You can verify your insurance and ask for more details about our premier rehab services whenever you are prepared to join the rehab.

Outpatient Treatment center Florida
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Outpatient Treatment center Florida
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