Outpatient Drug Rehab Florida

Spring Gardens Recovery is among the most renowned rehab service providers in the business. We specialize in inpatient and outpatient care, providing extensive services to help patients overcome addiction and fight for a better life. Our outpatient program, in particular, is key to helping recovering addicts embrace a sober and balanced lifestyle long-term.

How outpatient rehab works

The outpatient program is available to all patients who:

  • Have completed a form of intensive rehab treatment
  • They don’t need intensive care since they’re only dealing with mild-to-moderate addiction
  • Can’t afford to join inpatient care due to financial issues or professional or familial obligations

Unlike the inpatient program, the outpatient one places you on a flexible rehab schedule. There are eight hours of treatment and therapy per week at our facility, after which you can return home. Some of the core programs we use include:

  • Individual therapy – Discussing with a licensed psychologist about your addiction triggers and the underlying motives behind your harmful behavior. These may include emotional, physical, or psychological traumas, corruption from peers, a coping mechanism for dealing with co-occurring mental issues, etc. Understanding these aspects will help you better grasp your condition and how to counter it more effectively.
  • Group therapy – You will enter a group environment where other addiction victims will discuss their problems, progress, and plans for a better future. It is a non-judgmental setting where you will spill your guts in front of everyone and feel comfortable, understood, and welcomed in the community. It is a safe space that all recovering addicts need to strengthen their spirits and minds.
  • Family therapy – Helping family members understand their loved one’s struggle and teaching the essentials about addiction, triggers, relapse, and sobriety management. Your family will play a critical role in your recovery journey, providing you with support, guidance, and unconditioned love. The program’s goal is to promote healthier and more positive family dynamics, strengthening the relationships between family members.
  • Case management – A case manager will work with you throughout the treatment, helping you integrate the treatment into your daily life. The expert will also monitor your progress and recommend specific services depending on your response to treatment.

You will also undergo weekly urinary sample analysis to check for traces of forbidden substances. It is an excellent mechanism for instilling a sense of responsibility and maturity in our patients.

Can I join the outpatient drug rehab in Florida?

If you’ve never had anyone assess your condition, we recommend contacting our professionals today. Our experts will investigate your addiction’s profile, gather data about your withdrawal and side effects, and recommend optimal treatment based on the findings. This approach allows us to craft patient-oriented rehab programs, delivering long-lasting benefits.

Spring Gardens Recovery promotes personalized outpatient drug rehab in Florida, helping addiction victims seek a better path in life. Call our center or visit our rehab facility and see for yourself what we have to offer. The sooner the rehab treatment begins, the easier and more effective it will be in the long run.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Florida
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Outpatient Drug Rehab Florida
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