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Neck Pain Spokane Wa

If you are someone who suffers from neck pain in Spokane, WA, then make the Spine Team Pain Center your best friend! Neck pain can range from mild to severe, and people who experience neck pain somewhere in-between the middle of the pain spectrum to the severe end of it are probably very often miserable as neck pain can be debilitating. If you have neck pain that is mild and comes and goes, you may not worry about it too much. However, if you have neck pain that comes frequently and or stays for hours, you can find some much-needed relief at the Spine Team Pain Center.

Where Does Neck Pain Come from?

Neck pain can start without warning in an instant. It can stem from a wide range of causes including injuries, muscle spasms, nerve endings, poor posture, and other sources that we'll see later. On the other hand, neck pain can worsen over time, becoming more severe to the point when it becomes unbearable.

At the Spine Team Pain Center, we use non-surgical treatments to alleviate neck pain in Spokane, WA. If you or your loved one is living with chronic neck pain, we invite you to visit us. We can provide you with lasting relief and fast. We may use blood tests, various imaging scans, and a spinal tap, along with other testing methods, to accurately determine and diagnose the problem that is leading to your neck pain.

Let Us Diagnose Your Neck Pain in Spokane WA

Although it should be obvious, the importance of an accurate diagnosis can't be overstated. This way, we can customize a treatment plan that is safe for you and gives the optimal benefits in pain reduction that you're looking for. Some of the most common conditions that cause neck pain are Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Facet Syndrome. In rare cases, your pain may be cancer-related. That is why it is so important to get treated if you are experiencing neck pain - it could be something serious, and the sooner we treat it, the better!

How We Treat Neck Pain

The Spine Team Pain Center offers non-surgical treatments for neck pain, including:

  • Epidural Nerve Blocks
  • Facet Joint Injections
  • Medial Branch Blocks
  • Medication Therapies
  • Radiofrequency Neuroablation
  • Trigger Point Injections

With some of the best neck pain specialists in WA working from our state-of-the-art clinic, we find innovative, creative, and highly effective ways to end neck pain for our patients.

You Can Put an End to Neck Pain Once and for All if You Live in Spokane

Neck pain doesn't have to ruin your day anymore! Have you ever had neck pain that was so intense you couldn't turn your head from side-to-side? For most of us, these are once-in-a-year events, but this what some people have to deal all the time! Neck pain is one of the worst forms of body pain, not only because it hurts so much, but because it is very difficult to eliminate. If you suffer from neck pain in Spokane, WA, call the Spine Team Pain Center today.

Neck Pain Spokane Wa