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National Depression Screening Day 2018

young woman during National Depression Screening Day 2018

Have you heard of National Depression Screening Day 2018? For the past 20 years, this annual event has included programs for the education of the public regarding depression. The goal of the “holiday” is that of a world where mental health is understood and treated as fully as physical health. Reaching this goal would mean fewer suicides, health issues, and behavioral problems, like drug or alcohol abuse.

Why do we need a National Depression Screening Day 2018?

young woman during National Depression Screening Day 2018National Depression Screening Day 2018 is the latest of these yearly events. Each year, this day serves to bring attention to the big problem of depression. It reminds hospitals, doctors, schools, and communities to pay attention to signs of depression. As part of the program, some doctors provide free screenings for this mood disorder.

The National Depression Screening Day 2018 focus is that of “seeking help.” Many people with depression and other mental problems fear others learning about their diagnosis, so they never seek diagnosis or treatment. Other people suffer symptoms without knowing why or what causes these effects.

But everyone should undergo mental health screening from time to time. You can do this through your regular doctor, clinic or even a treatment center where you receive detox services.

Surprising Facts of Depression

Depression affects many people from many walks of life. Some of the most significant categories of these people include the general public, youth, men and military veterans.

General Public

In the general American public, depression causes more disability than any other condition for the age group of 15 to 44. This means over 15 million people in this country, almost seven percent of our population, suffer from this mental illness. Of those diagnosed, only half get the help they need. After treatment, 80 percent report better mental wellness and fewer symptoms.


Youth are highly vulnerable to depression, with about 20 percent of teens living with this mood disorder. About one third face addiction to drugs or alcohol because of their untreated condition. They suffer from school, family, and self-esteem problems, often turning to running away, self-harm and suicide.


Men supposedly experience one third fewer cases of depression than women in the U.S. But the reality is this rate skews that direction only because men do not seek help as often as women. Men fear stigmas yet 350 percent more men die of suicide, than women.


Like men in general, veterans struggle with seeking help for mental illness. Many do not have access to quality healthcare, ending up on the streets due to untreated problems. The veteran suicide rate is 50 percent higher than the rate for civilians of the same gender and age groups. Because of poor VA health care, 22 percent of military vets sought help from civilian doctors for depression in 2005.

National Depression Screening Day 2018 in Spring Hill, Florida

In Spring Hill, Florida, Spring Gardens Recovery provides screening for depression for all of this detox center’s clients. This happens every single day, not just as part of one event. If you suffer depression or other mental symptoms and substance abuse, Spring Hill offers great hope for your recovery.

Spring Gardens Recovery treatment includes services such as:

For your depression and addiction screening on National Depression Screening Day 2018 or any other day, call Spring Gardens Recovery at (866) 244-9556.

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