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Bailey's Pharmacy is an LTC RX pharmacy in Ft. Lauderdale that is widely considered to be the best LTC RX pharmacy in the region. At Bailey's Pharmacy, we create long-lasting partnerships with the facilities we serve, with their patients, their patient's physicians, providers, and with their patient's families. Indeed, when long-term care facilities need an LTC RX pharmacy in Ft. Lauderdale, most choose Bailey's Pharmacy. We help LTC facilities increase their nursing care at a better cost than they can find elsewhere. How so?

We'll Work Your LTC Facility to Develop a Custom Solution for You

To begin, we'll help you assess the seemingly countless external forces of change surrounding your facility. By evaluating tangible and intangible factors, such as a continually shifting political environment that puts more pressure on Medicare and Medicaid budgets, Bailey's Pharmacy can help your LTC facility adopt practical solutions that will streamline your workflow, keep you protected against unexpected changes, and help your facility save money.

Short-Cycle Med Dispensing and Efficient Packaging

One of the easiest ways to adapt to the pressures of change in today's LTC market is by adopting short-cycle dispensing regimens and better medication packaging systems. Our solutions are simple and straight-forward and can be learned quickly and implemented by anyone on your staff.

Our packaging system was designed with LTC med pass in mind. On our packaging, you'll find the patient's name, medication name, time of dosage, and a picture of the patient. No more wasteful and inefficient blister cards! Before, nurses had to look at a MAR and flip through packs to find the right medication for their residents. If another nurse worked the cart, everything could be out of order for the operating nurse. Daytime meds get mixed with nighttime meds, and the whole med cart can be one giant mess. Our effective packaging system allows your staff to decrease med pass time, and it will enable our staff to shift into the areas that will help your facility save money.

The Value of Saving Time

Our LTC RX pharmacy in Ft. Lauderdale creates easy to use systems and packaging that allow nurses to grab the pack, open it, and put it in a cup. Of course, medication still has to be checked against a MAR, but our system saves time. Saving time is important for many reasons, including the fact that you never know when you will need more time to do something else or have an emergency. Further, there are additional ways that saving time can benefit your facility.

When your nurses have a little more time on hand, they can be more social with your residents and their families and spend a few extra minutes with them each day. Further, the patient care dynamic is more meaningful when safety is added to the mix. Additionally, our systems allow your staff to reduce ordering and billing time.

Our systems lead to better inventory management, better packaging costs, cleaner and more organized med carts, and less staff turnover because your staff will be happier. When you choose the best LTC RX pharmacy in Ft. Lauderdale, you will have happier nurses with more time to give to your residents.

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