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What is Life Skills Training?

couple cooking after life skills training

couple cooking after life skills trainingMost people know that addiction to drugs and alcohol affects the body, causing brain changes and other health problems over time. However, did you realize that substance abuse disorders also cause marked modifications in the way a person thinks, behaves, feels and copes with the stresses of daily life? That is why participating in a rehab program without receiving life skills training will virtually doom you to failure.

What You Can Expect From a Residential Rehab Program

Not all drug or alcohol rehab programs are alike. They differ in the duration of stay, their cost and in the philosophy that forms their foundation. Nevertheless, there are certain commonalities shared by most programs. They include the following:

  • A thorough evaluation to determine needs
  • A residential environment gives clients the time and space to focus on their recovery while removed from triggers and stress
  • Intensive individual and group therapy focusing on causes, triggers, and strategies to overcome addiction
  • Transition plan to assist the graduating client to re-enter the outside world successfully

Some programs also provide initial detox services that clear the body of the addictive substance safely under medical supervision.

What is Life Skills Training?

Think of life skills training as a bridge that can take you from the insulated safety of the rehab program back out into the world. In a way, it is what helps you to rewire your brain so that it can function healthily and soberly to regulate your behaviors. Most life skills training contains the following elements:

  • Healthy ways to relieve your stress as a means of relapse prevention
  • Instruction in financial management
  • Nutritional skills to keep your body well and reduce cravings for food that can lead to low blood sugar and bad choices
  • Communications skills

When you add these coping strategies to your arsenal of tools, you can overcome the daily challenges of stress management and prevent relapse easier.

How Spring Gardens Can Help

Spring Gardens Recovery is a residential addiction treatment facility located in Spring Hill, Florida. Because we know that addiction is a disease that requires treatment of the mind, body, and soul, we make sure to provide each of our clients with the in-depth, individualized life skills training they need to overcome their unique addiction challenges. Located on 4.5 beautiful and isolated acres, our facilities dedicate themselves to promoting your lasting health and recovery.

When you become one of our clients, you will get nothing but the best proven and cutting-edge therapies. This takes place in surroundings that are sure to promote peace and healing. Below is just a taste of what we provide:

  • Safe, medically supervised detox when applicable
  • Beautiful Florida surroundings
  • Individual and group therapies
  • Life skills training
  • Amenities including yoga and meditation with a registered shaman, massage, and professional chefs

The road to a lasting recovery is not a smooth one, but we’re here to help. Contact Spring Gardens Recovery today at (866) 244-9556. We will help you take those first, all-important steps toward a sober future.

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