Intensive Outpatient Program Land O Lakes

When dealing with severe forms of addiction, your time is limited. Our intensive outpatient program in Land O Lakes, at Spring Gardens Recovery, offers patients the opportunity to change their lives forever. We offer personalized treatment, advanced rehab services, and a non-judgmental recovery environment to promote healing and sobriety over the years.

The best IOP treatment services in Land O Lakes

The intensive outpatient program is ideal for individuals who have completed a form of inpatient care and for those dealing with mild forms of addiction. The latter group doesn’t require intensive care, making IOP their rehab program of choice. Choosing the right IOP is essential for harnessing the best results long-term. Here is what our intensive outpatient program offers that others don’t:

  • Evidence-based treatments – Our intensive outpatient treatment in Land O Lakes only relies on certified rehab programs to achieve the best results. We don’t experiment on our patients with untested and unproven procedures but only stick to what we know works best.
  • Addressing the causes instead of the symptoms – Many rehab facilities use medication to address addiction symptoms, causing patients to relapse even years after completing the rehab treatment. We rely on therapies and counseling to address the causes of addiction and build the foundation for a sober, healthier lifestyle over the years.
  • Creating a sense of community – Unlike many rehab facilities, our IOP treatment promotes community and peer support as part of successful recovery. Our goal is to help you socialize with other individuals fighting the same issues as you and share your stories, dreams, and hopes throughout your recovery journey.

When to join IOP?

If you’re abusing alcohol or drugs regularly, you should already consider finding a reliable rehab program fast. Finding a substance abuse treatment near me is essential in the first phases of addiction when combating the disorder is easier. At our facility, we take in both individuals who have completed the inpatient/residential program and those who don’t require intensive treatment.

If you can’t afford to quit your daily educational, professional, or familial obligations for extended periods, our intensive outpatient treatment near me is perfect for you. The program consists of day treatments, without any overnight stays included. You will arrive at our center for therapy, counseling, and case management services and return home by nighttime.

Does IOP cure addiction?

Addiction is a chronic condition, which means that the closest thing to a cure is long-term relapse management. The purpose of IOP is to build on the foundation laid out by inpatient programs and promote sobriety, introspection, social involvement, self-responsibility, accountability, etc. This is what makes our adult intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Land O Lakes, one of the most effective treatments for all forms of addiction.

If you’re looking for a reliable intensive outpatient program in Land O Lakes, contact Springs Garden Recovery at 888.240.9556 and verify your insurance options. We are available in case you wish someone to speak to or seek to make an appointment soon. Call our team, share your story with us, and start your recovery journey today!

Intensive Outpatient Program Land O Lakes
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Intensive Outpatient Program Land O Lakes
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