Inpatient Rehab Tampa FL

As a victim of prolonged and aggravated substance addiction, you need the best treatment you can get, and you need it now. At Spring Gardens Recovery, we have seen what substance addiction can do to people and their families. If you’re abusing drugs or alcohol regularly, you don’t have much time left.

You must enter our inpatient rehab in Tampa, FL as soon as you can before the situation gets any worse. Unfortunately, substance addiction is a progressive illness that has no cure. The only way to deal with it long-term comes down to prevention. We’ll do more than that; we offer a life transformation program that will change your world, as you know it.

With so many people falling prey to drug addiction and alcoholism every day, we had to take measures. Our rehabilitation treatment rests on a holistic philosophy that combines the classic with the innovative for amazing results. Some of our programs include:

Personalized substance detox – When reaching advanced levels, substance addiction will deliver extensive damages to your body, mind, and spirit. To repel the side-effects and restore your basic functionality, we use targeted medication in combination with psychotherapeutic support. The detox process may last for approximately a week, depending on the severity of the withdrawal, after which the healing process may begin.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This psychotherapy promotes introspection and cognitive transformation. The core goal is to modify behavioral patterns, by eliminating destructive and self-destructive tendencies and promote peace, happiness, and positivity. The inpatient rehab in Tampa, FL, will give you access to some of the most advanced therapies available today.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – DBT is ideal for treating people with co-occurring disorders, erratic behavior, and who show tendencies towards self-harm or even suicide. It functions on the idea that emotions inform thoughts and thoughts inform behaviors. The working principle relies on concepts like emotion regulation, mindful awareness, acceptance, and emotional coping skills.

Two-week Residential Stabilization Program – Just like the inpatient program, the two-week residential program relies on permanent supervision during the treatment. It’s an in-depth form of rehab, during which our clinicians will perform biological, nutritional, medical, and psychiatric, assessments regularly. You will participate in numerous counseling sessions and activities promoting introspection, acceptance, truth, and self-appreciation.

Holistic Activities – Recreation is a vital part of the rehabilitation program. At our center, you have a multitude of amenities, including sauna, massage sessions, art and pet therapy, etc. Everything is meant to promote a natural release of endorphins, as you get to enjoy life beyond chemical stimulation.

Relapse education and support – During the inpatient rehab in Tampa, FL, you and other patients will participate in comprehensive educational courses. The goal is to prepare you for your new life post-addiction. You will learn about the dangers of addiction, how to prevent it, and how to upgrade your lifestyle on all fronts (nutrition, physical activity, career, family, life goals).

We urge you to contact us, at Spring Gardens, and let us help you! With your courage and confidence, and our knowledge, addiction will soon become a thing of the past.

Inpatient Rehab Tampa FL
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Inpatient Rehab Tampa FL
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