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Individualized Treatment Plans


Your drug habit is out of control. Something needs to change. You know that detox is the first step on the road to recovery. It works well when therapists develop individualized treatment plans.

Don’t Undergo Someone Else’s Detox

man after participating one of our Individualized Treatment PlansIndividualized treatment plans take into account what a client’s physiological and psychological needs are. Doing so prevents you from having a generic treatment experience. Typically, full customization of your care is something you can expect from smaller, private treatment centers. It’s not always something that a large facility can accommodate.

In large settings, you may encounter partial customization. Caregivers follow a strict protocol for treatment. They make adjustments when practical. You can still heal, but you’ll miss out on the advantages that unique plans bring to the table.

Why Individualized Treatment Plans Work

A generic protocol with occasional tweaks offers general care. A customized protocol builds on your innate strengths and supports your weaknesses. It creates a unique support system that helps you overcome a physical addiction to a drug. In the process, it assists with overcoming withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Examples of such treatments include:

  • Targeted modalities plan for your specific addiction profile
  • Hands-on medical monitoring at all times during the acute withdrawal process
  • The pharmacological support that assists with pain management and cravings control
  • Amino acid IV infusions, which facilitate physiological wellness, healing, and strengthening
  • The holistic care that incorporates meditation, yoga, nutritional counseling, and sauna therapy

These types of evidence-based detox services focus on the needs that you experience right now. They recognize that one-size-fits-all is inappropriate in recovery. Moreover, they meet you where you’re at. This means that they take into account your drug abuse habits, medical history, and goals for recovery.

As a result, it’s realistic to expect detoxification to end a specific drug craving. Of course, individualized treatment plans are only a start. Other aspects of care factor into your recovery. For example, serene surroundings, an attentive staff, and multiple relaxation opportunities are paramount for success.

What Happens after Detox?

Most people move on to rehab after detox. That part of the treatment breaks the psychological dependency on drugs. At Spring Gardens, there’s another option. A two-week stabilization program can follow your successful detox.

It’s an opportunity to gauge your treatment needs in depth. You undergo extensive assessments that factor in psychological, physiological, and nutritional needs. While there, you experience various therapeutic interventions that continue your recovery process. Possible addiction therapies might be:

  • One-on-one talk therapy that lets you set goals and explore your reasons for using
  • Group therapy sessions that give peers an opportunity to affirm your decision to quit
  • Eastern medicine therapy as a complementary care package to traditional approaches
  • Pet therapy, which offers opportunities for introspection
  • Relapse prevention strategy planning that helps you map out your next steps

After you complete the stabilization period, you’ll have profound insights into your reasons for using. You’ll understand what type of treatments you need to continue the healing process. Most importantly, you’ll learn more about yourself, which helps you to recognize triggers and stressors.

Spring Gardens Recovery

It’s tempting to think that you can tough it out. But most people quickly realize that the pain and discomfort of withdrawal are too much to bear. They relapse within a day or so. Some end up being worse off than they were before their quitting attempt.

Addiction requires medical intervention. At a detox center that offers individualized treatment plans, you don’t suffer pain and focus on relaxation. As a result, you are far more likely to succeed in quitting without relapse. Contact Spring Gardens Recovery at (866) 244-9556 to learn more.

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