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Understanding How to Detox Your Body

Understanding how to detox your body

Man Wondering How to Detox Your Body From AddictionWhen it comes to overcoming drug addiction, visiting a detox center is an important step. The detoxification process removes toxins and poisons from your body. However, you might have questions about how to detox your body. The body can detox itself, but you have to know how to give it the tools that it needs.

How to Detox Your Body

The most important thing for people to remember is that they should never detox at home. It’s dangerous because medical complications can arise. Professional detox ensures that you get the treatment needed to stay safe while detoxing. Also, detox centers monitor your condition to avoid serious problems.

How to Detox Your Body: Hydration

Substances like alcohol dehydrate your body, so rehydrating it is a good way to start the detox process. Organs, such as the kidneys, help your body to filter out drug toxins. However, you have to supply your body with lots of water so that these organs function properly. Along with flushing out drugs and alcohol, these organs help the body remove other chemicals.

How much water should people drink every day to help flush out toxins while detoxing? At the very minimum, people should drink at least 64 ounces of water on a daily basis. During the actual detox process, however, they should increase this amount to between 80–100 ounces.

How to Detox Your Body: Eat Right to Get Right

Drugs not only dehydrate your body, but they also sap out all of its nutrients. Your body can’t heal itself if it doesn’t have the right nutrition. The best detox centers provide high-quality meals to replenish the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body.

Of course, eating right during detox only gets you so far. Many detox centers also provide nutrition counseling. The goal is to provide information about eating right so that patients can use that following treatment. Studies show that eating healthy helps prevent relapse.

Various foods can help cleanse the body of toxins. Lemon, cilantro, chia seeds and parsley help clean impurities out of the intestines. Leafy greens such as seaweed and kale provide the body with fiber and boost the immune system.

Take Your Life Back With the Help of Spring Gardens Recovery

At Spring Gardens Recovery, our goal is to provide quality detox services. These services build a strong foundation that you can apply toward the rest of your recovery. Generally, our programs last between 7 and 10 days. During this time, we treat not only your body but also your mind and soul.

Our high-quality services include:

Our licensed staff handles all of our services. We also offer guided meditation and yoga therapy programs to help you relax during your stay. Spring Gardens Recovery provides amenities such as lounges, Bluetooth headsets, and professional chefs, as well.

Fight to take back your life, and lay the groundwork for recovery the right way with Spring Gardens Recovery. Call us today at 866-244-9556.

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