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How Art Can Help In Addiction Recovery

How Art Can Help In Addiction Recovery

How Art Can Help In Addiction Recovery

When you’re in addiction recovery, you have to deal with hard truths about your life. These often blunt and harsh realizations that come as side consequences of your addiction may intimidate you as you head into recovery, but they don’t have to. At Spring Gardens Recovery, experiential concepts like art in addiction recovery mean that you can face hard truths with healing, expressive outlets, and therapies.

What Is The Role Of Art In Addiction Recovery?

Art therapy is a type of psychological treatment that encourages you to express yourself in fine arts. The most common is art, though music and dance are often experiential therapies that can make a difference in your recovery as well.

The expression of one’s creativity and emotion through media like paint, pastels, pencils, clay, or more has been part of the human journey for thousands of years. When specifically looking at the role of art in addiction recovery, it’s a healthy way to process feelings and emotions and reduce stress and anxiety.

Which is precisely why it’s so beneficial in addiction recovery. Those feelings and stressors are often your triggers. Being able to move through emotions and stressors that lead to cravings and usage with art keeps you sober and mentally healthier.

What Does Science Say About Art In Addiction Recovery?

First termed in the 1940s as a way to specifically address healing from tuberculosis, art therapy is now a widely used, holistic way to treat substance misuse and addiction. Research continually shows how art therapy can help build self-esteem [1], encourage self-awareness [2], reduce anxiety [3], and help develop and strengthen social skills [4].

And because art therapy offers those benefits, it’s especially helpful in addiction recovery. It’s an independent yet interactive way for you to work through what drives your addiction. You can work feelings and needs out through art therapy. Too often, the unwarranted stigma of addiction may make you feel ashamed to be participating. Art therapy is a way for you to see yourself as a valuable human who is more than just your addiction.

Art in addiction recovery can bring a healing that comes from understanding and reflecting upon your inner self, and using your creativity to rejoin social situations with more than mere cravings.

A Positive Look At The Future: Utilizing Art In Addiction Therapy

One of the most significant benefits of art therapy isn’t just that you deal with negative emotions and experiences that lead you to misuse alcohol or drugs. While that’s important, art therapy gives you a healthy and positive outlet for dealing with future triggers and emotions that could otherwise lead to relapse.

When you engage in art therapy in your recovery process, you’re building a toolbox that will let you continue to control your recovery in the future. With art in addiction therapy, you’ll be able to tune into your body’s creative process and find joy and freedom that you used to seek in substances. Art therapy doesn’t just look at ending your addiction; it also works to begin a new version of you for the future. This new you is confident, aware, and able to express emotions and feelings without needing substances.

Experiential and Holistic Healing For Body, Mind, and Soul

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we want to help you heal in your mind, body, and soul. We offer experiential and holistic healing methods that other recovery centers may not. We believe that a holistic approach will help heal the whole you and give you the best chance for long-term sobriety. And because art therapy will help you lower your stress and interact with others in more positive ways, you’ll be strengthening your coping abilities and working toward lifetime sobriety. Art in addiction therapy is a movement therapy that will support your recovery from addiction and your growth in the new, sober you.

Spring Gardens Recovery is not just a standard care addiction treatment center. We focus first and foremost on your detox and addiction treatment program. Still, we do so with next-level offerings that will help prevent relapse even after you’ve completed your program. Art therapy is just one of the many ways we focus on you as a whole person in treatment and how we equip you for sober living.

If you’ve been looking for a program that would treat you as more than just an addiction, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today so we can help you break the chains of addiction and explore the life of sober living you’ve been missing.



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