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It can be quite a challenge to find a Florida drug rehab with a long-term patient sobriety rate higher than 23%. Sadly, this disturbing number is on par with the national average. From all drug rehab patients combined in the U.S. each year, between just 23 - 27% of them will stay clean longer than two years. This means that approximately 3/4 patients will relapse. Of these 3/4 who relapse within two years after leaving a drug rehab facility, a whopping 81% of them will relapse within 90 days of finishing rehab! In light of these alarming statistics, Spring Gardens Recovery is drug rehab in Florida doing its part to make a difference.

We Create Individualized Treatment Plans

One of the ways we've been able to defeat the odds is by providing individual-specific treatment plans. Rather than having a program that our patients have to work, we customize treatment plans that our patients are willing and happy to work. We find that patients are more excited about recovery when they have a hand in creating their own treating plans. This is crucial to any patient's chance of beating the stats. A lot of Florida drug rehabs don't have a treatment model like this even though it is the patient who will have to work their own recovery program in the end.

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we feel that our job is to provide our patients with the tools, resources, and connections they need to stay sober after they leave our Florida drug rehab. Further, we believe that educating patients about how to use these resources is vital as is providing meaningful post-treatment care. Individualized treatment plans are important because not everybody responds well to the same programs.

We Provide Substance-Specific Treatment

Spring Gardens Recovery provides substance-specific treatment. We have compiled authoritative information regarding a wide range of substances commonly abused by people in the United States, including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription medication, fentanyl, and other substances that are either psychologically addictive, physically addictive or both.

Put simply; we will utilize different treatment techniques for someone who is addicted to alcohol than we will for someone who is addicted to marijuana. Fittingly so, since alcohol and marijuana couldn't be more different as it pertains to how they affect the mind and the body of the abuser. Customizing individual treatment plans that play to our patients' strengths and according to their needs, along with substance-specific treatment, is how Spring Gardens Recovery achieves above-average long-term sobriety in our patients.

We Help People Get Clean One Patient at a Time

If you are interested in getting treatment at a Florida drug rehab that does things a little differently, you are in the right place! Spring Gardens Recovery is a small drug rehab that focuses on treating one patient at a time. All of our addiction treatment specialists care about the people in our rehab, and all of us will go the extra mile to help anyone who is trying to help themselves. Take a virtual tour of our facilities on the Home page of this website, and don't hesitate to start a conversation by phone or by email if you need help with anything. After all, we're here to help!

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