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As a business professional, you know that work never calls off- that’s why you need a professional employee call off service that frees you up to perform the duties you were hired for.
If you feel like monitoring your employees’ absenteeism is starting to take over your routine duties, it might be time to take matters into your hands and speak with a professional employee call off service. Answer United can manage your employee absenteeism reporting, with professionally trained agents who are trained to answer phone lined designed for employee call offs. Agents can document absences in clear and accurate detail, to help ensure consistent adherence to your company’s time-off policy.
Answer United offers nearly 50 years of professional experience in the business communications industry and is a national leader in the telephone answering and call center field. Their experts manage employee absenteeism reporting for industries of all kinds and sizes, so that whether your organization is a busy medical facility, a property management firm a large retail or an industrial enterprise, Answer United can customize the absentee reporting system to fully meet your specific needs, practices and policies of your company.
There are many benefits associated with hiring an employee call off service. Answer United’s accurate, verifiable and independent records:
- Reduce grievances and support compliance with both company policies and union procedures.
- Deter the abuse of time-off policies, which in turn helps increase productivity and morale.
- Eliminate disputes over whether or not an employee has called-in
- Are available through our 24-hour services, thus saving valuable time and human resources
Answer United also provides some exceptional features of their employee call off service that includes:
- Coded verification. Using the latest technology, Answer United can provide a verifiable tracking system, so that your employees can be provided with a toll-free number to call when reporting an absence. Professionally-trained agents answer your calls in your company name, record all of the information that you require for your records, and provide the caller with a coded verification number, before finally notifying your organization’s appropriate department.
- Absences are reported quickly and reliably through whichever means you prefer, including email, fax, text message, web retrieval, voicemail or a live agent.
- Every employee call off is recorded and assigned a computer generated time and date stamp for complete quality assurance. This allows Answer United to provide your company with daily, weekly, or monthly reports for your purposes.
- Cost-effective connections fit your budget and help to lower absenteeism. Answer United works with all major long-distance carriers and will find the most affordable way to route your employees’ calls to their agents.
Together with Answer United and their employee call off service, you can reduce absenteeism in your corporation so that you can achieve your true productivity potential. Answer United’s retention rate is one of the highest in the industry, with several agents who have served the company for more than 15 years.
Answer United will never miss a day’s work- even if your employees do! For more information, please contact a specialist from Answer United at 800-937-5900.
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