Drug Rehab Tampa Florida

At, Spring Gardens Recovery, we have created a revolutionary rehabilitation program for victims of advanced substance addiction. Both drug addiction and alcoholism are incurable disorders with long-term side-effects. The treatment is complex, and it boils down to three core concepts – stabilization, healing, reconstruction, and prevention.

Our drug rehab in Tampa, Florida, uses these three concepts to create a holistic approach meant to save lives.


The first stage of the rehabilitation treatment is the one where you’ll be the most vulnerable. This is when the withdrawal will kick in, as the detoxification process unfolds. Following the medical and clinical assessment, our clinician will prescribe a targeted medication plan to help you cope with the withdrawal.

The duration of the detoxification process will usually depend on factors like the substance you’re using, the duration, the amount, etc. With medication and therapeutic support along the way, the detox process will:

  • Eliminate the cravings
  • Flush the substance from the body
  • Restore the functionality of the opioid receptors in the brain
  • Stabilize your behavior and mental functioning
  • Greatly reduce the discomfort during the cold turkey stage, etc.

Depending on the situation, our clinician may also prescribe dual-diagnosis treatment, in case you show signs of co-occurring disorders. The treatment will primarily rely on therapeutic support, along with a personalized medication plan as part of the long-term management strategy.


The next stage revolves around restoring your cognitive and emotional stability. Here is where we separate ourselves from other rehab clinics. Our drug rehab in Tampa, Florida, relies on using a multitude of advanced therapies and holistic approaches to ensure long-lasting benefits. Some of the procedures we’re using include:

  • Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Holistic Healing (guided meditation, sauna, massage sessions, yoga)
  • Eastern Medicine Therapy (acupuncture, cupping, moxa treatment)
  • Experiential Therapy (pet therapy, music, mindfulness teaching, art)
  • Non-12-Step Rehab

Prolonged drug addiction will leave deep scars on your soul. Our goal is to reignite that flame of joy, positivity, and optimism, that helps you experience life in bright new colors. For that, we’ve put together a comprehensive therapeutic program that successfully combines classic psychological approaches with our revolutionary, life-changing holistic philosophy.

Reconstruction and Prevention

The on-site rehab treatment is merely the first stage in the recovery process. It’s only after you leave our institution’s walls that the real test will begin. You will now need to take control over your own life and embrace sobriety as part of the new you. The relapse strategy involves adopting a variety of precautions and life improvements. These include:

  • Developing vital coping skills
  • Avoiding social triggers
  • Improving the nutritional intake
  • Adopting a more active lifestyle
  • Getting a better job and work towards a better career
  • Set life-defining goals and pursue them actively
  • Develop new hobbies and enjoy life every day, etc.

We invite you to join our drug rehab in Tampa, Florida, and leave your old life behind you! At Spring Gardens Recovery, you will discover a simple, but undisputed truth about yourself – you are a survivor!

Drug Rehab Tampa Florida
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Drug Rehab Tampa Florida
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