Drug Rehab Tampa

We welcome you to Springs Gardens Recovery, a place of serenity, joy, and healing. As a victim of drug addiction, you need all the support you can get. The only way to defeat this illness is by joining a professional rehab program.

If you’re looking for effective drug rehab in Tampa, we invite you to our center as soon as possible. Drug addiction is progressive, which means that time is an asset you can’t afford to waste. Self-medication is a bad idea, since it usually degenerates in other forms of addiction, and going to the hospital won’t get you far either.

The hospital staff is only trained to stabilize your condition, not to provide you with long-term recovery, therapy, and emotional support. For that, you need to join our innovative rehab program today. We have designed an all-inclusive, comprehensive rehab treatment based on a holistic philosophy that deals with the relationship between body, mind, and spirit.

To ensure a complete rehab experience, we offer:

Drug detoxification – Prolonged drug abuse will cause the substance to accumulate in the body and cause long-term damages if left untreated. The detox process relies on targeted medication to cease the cravings, cleanse the system, and stabilize your behavior. It’s also a vital tool in preventing short-term relapse, as well as tackling any co-occurring disorders, depending on their nature.

Two-weeks intensive care program – If you need urgent care, but don’t have the time to join a full inpatient rehab treatment, this program is for you. During the two-week program, you will remain under constant supervision, while undergoing the clinical procedures.

Advanced psychotherapies – Our program of drug rehab in Tampa relies on an advanced mix of psychotherapies, including procedures like CBT, DBT, expressive arts, individual and family counseling, etc. The goal is to stabilize your cognitive functioning, restore your emotional peace, and reshape your view on the world. With our experts guiding supervising your progress, you will become more sociable, positive, and confident along the way.

Spiritual enlightenment – We believe that the spirit needs just as much mending as your mind and body. Drug addiction will slowly take away your ability to enjoy life anymore. Your only source of pleasure will be the chemical one, which is short, deceiving, and it leaves a mental aftertaste. To revive your spirit, we offer a multitude of therapeutic activities like sauna, massage, meditation, music and pet therapy, yoga, etc.

Aftercare and relapse management – The real test of strength will begin soon after you leave our institution. To remain sober over the years, you need to leave your old life behind and embrace the new one. We have all the tools you need to succeed, including nutritional tips, lifestyle improvement, social and professional skills, etc.

Our drug rehab in Tampa is more than your conventional detox-and-stabilization routine. Here, we offer a life-changing experience, that will transform you to the very core. At Spring Gardens Recovery, you will rediscover your life’s meaning – one that will define you as a better, more successful individual.

Drug Rehab Tampa
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Drug Rehab Tampa
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