Drug Rehab Florida Spring Gardens Recovery is not your typical drug rehab in Florida- our luxury facility offers numerous amenities and upscale programs that includes yoga classes, guided meditation, music therapy, massage therapy, and medically-supervised sauna therapy. Our beautiful facility was built with all the comforts of home. Drug Rehab Florida

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Spokane Back Pain Orthopedic Doctors

Spine Team

Schedule a visit with our Spokane back pain orthopedic doctors from Spine Team Pain Center to get to the heart of your pain issues and find a treatment that works for you. We care about you and want to help you find the least-invasive method of dealing with pain- it starts with a comprehensive, diagnostic exam in our office.

Telemedicine San Antonio

Innovative Urgent Care & Family Health Clinic

Contact Innovative Urgent Care & Family Clinic for affordable and convenient Telemedicine in San Antonio. Our doctors and nurses can provide quality medical care over the phone, significantly reducing the cost of health care without compromising on your care. Use our Telemedicine Portal to speak with a doctor right now.

Car Accident Treatment Laguna Hills

Neck & Back Medical Center

Our Neck & Back Medical Center offers affordable car accident treatment in Laguna Hills. We treat the problem, not just the symptoms, so you’ll find real relief from your symptoms from an accurate diagnosis of your condition. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, it’s essential that you receive a thorough examination. Schedule your complimentary consultation by calling 949-859-6600.