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Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment

Man Searching for Drug and Alcohol Detox TreatmentDrug and alcohol addiction can consume your daily life. Fortunately, recovery is merely a decision away. Once you commit to the change, you have to believe in yourself and the process to sobriety. Drug and alcohol detox treatment gives you the foundation to build on your sobriety.

Steps to Drug and Alcohol Detox Treatment

Each step in treatment focuses on promoting a fun and healthy lifestyle. Users often shy away from treatment due to the fear of withdrawals or setbacks. At Spring Gardens Recovery, we’ll work with you to overcome your fears on the road to recovery.

Our detox treatment incorporates a comfortable setting with proven detox services for you or your loved ones. At our detox center in Florida, we’ll give you the resources and amenities to build on your goals and sobriety. Some of our detox therapy approaches include:

Our facility provides a 4.5-acre, private and gated environment for our patients to build on their recovery in the best possible setting. Moreover, our detox staff will be with you every step of the way.

Building on Recovery With Spring Gardens Recovery

Peace of mind can make all the difference in recovery. We strive to give every patient that luxury with brand new living areas, spacious patio areas, and outdoor lounges. Every room includes a flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi. We also provide a private culinary staff and professional in-house nutritionist.

Begin your road to sobriety today at Spring Gardens Recovery. Call us today at (866) 244-9556.

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