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Characteristics of a Detox Diet Plan

Characteristics of a detox diet plan

Man Who Learned an Effective Detox Diet PlanWhen it comes to drug rehab, a detox center is the best place to start. Studies show that taking part in a healthy detox diet plan can make the withdrawal process easier.

Why Junk Food Shouldn’t Be Part of a Detox Diet Plan

Sweet foods like candy and chocolate might taste great in the moment, but it takes adequate nutrition to maintain a healthy detox diet plan. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains make it easier to cope with uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and also help individuals ignore cravings. The added fiber will not only keep your digestive system operating smoothly, but it will also properly regulate your blood sugar levels. That’s important because it limits your mood swings during the detox and withdrawal process.

Limiting Sugar and Caffeine

It’s natural for people in recovery to consume sugar and caffeine. That’s why there’s no shortage of coffee at AA and NA meetings. While sugar and caffeine make you feel alert and awake, they can also trick the brain into rejecting healthier foods that don’t taste as sweet. In essence, you would be replacing your current addiction with a brand new one.

Detox Diet Plan Tips for Different Substances

Although well-rounded nutrition should be the hallmark of any detox diet plan, certain substances require different areas of focus. For instance:

  • Opiates/Opioids: These drugs drastically impact the digestive system and usually leave an electrolyte imbalance. A high-fiber diet centered around vegetables, whole grains and beans is most effective.
  • Alcohol: Alcoholism often leaves individuals with an imbalance of proteins, fluids and electrolytes. Long-term drinkers often suffer from malnutrition. Alcohol recovery requires a well-rounded diet of proteins, multivitamins, fruits, veggies, and—of course—water.
  • Stimulants: True to their name, stimulants keep you on edge, reducing the need for sleep and curbing appetites. A steady and consistent all-around diet supplemented by plenty of liquids will go a long way.

Detox the Right Way at Spring Gardens Recovery

At Spring Gardens Recovery, we have effective detox resources to make your drug rehab experience as pleasant as possible, including an on-site chef who can address your dietary needs. While detoxing is never easy, we find ways to make you comfortable. We also offer a wide range of detox services, including:

Spring Gardens Recovery sits on a 4.5-acre private plot of land. Our location allows you to fully focus on detoxing without any outside distractions.

Take the first step toward removing dangerous toxins and poisons from your body, and build a strong foundation for life-long recovery. Call Spring Gardens Recovery today 866-244-9556.

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