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Kill two birds with one stone by joining Epic Self for our next ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica. Find the healing you need and have an excuse to visit one of the most beautiful and friendliest countries in the world. Costa Rica is rich in history and culture, and aside from Peru, it is the premier ayahuasca retreat destination. To learn about Costa Rica ayahuasca retreats, feel free to reach out any time.

Give Yourself a Chance to Heal at Our Ayahuasca Retreat in Costa Rica

Whether you have a history of unhealthy relationships, drug and alcohol abuse, childhood abuse, or any other traumatic life experiences, you may never have had a chance to heal properly. Epic Self ayahuasca retreats allow you to do just that. As you go through this healing and have an awakening, you will start to see yourself as never before. As you begin to purge all of these dark energies that have come into your life over the years, it will become more apparent that you have to work harder to get rid of negative forces. Epic Self is here to support you 100%.

Find the True You

The average guest experiences the full range of emotions during ayahuasca ceremonies. Yet, they all say that our ayahuasca retreats are beautiful and are the most important events in their lives. As you get your mental, emotional, and physical health back in alignment, you can begin to be the true you that's always been inside but may have been masked by all of the dark energies you've taken on throughout your life.

Trust the Medicine 

The life paths we walk and the energies we invite inside of us (either knowingly or unknowingly) often cause us to lose site and forget who we are. The feeling of yourself being revealed to you is more powerful than you could ever imagine. There is a lot of purging in these ceremonies, and getting rid of the dark, toxic energies that leech off of your soul and rob you of a fulfilled life is hard work. You must always trust the medicine and pray before you drink it if necessary.

Make sure you are ready to see what you need to see. You are most likely coming to our retreat for a breakthrough and not to continue to silence what you're feeling within anymore. Many of our guests literally have one realization after another during these ceremonies as well as many blissful moments. You will be able to see the truth in yourself, in others, and in the world and universe around you. Many guests even have visions of their future lives.

Experience the Magic

Find and become the best version of you. It's the best gift you've ever given yourself. You will feel lighter, clearer, and more aware at all times. This journey will bring you to yourself in the most beautiful way. You will leave with a purified heart. There is something very magical that happens when a group of wellness seekers get together and support each other on their journeys. That's the environment you can expect at Epic Self's ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica. Everyone has a their own journey, but they're all interconnected.

Ayahuasca Retreat Costa Rica