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Alcohol is a drug, but alcohol is unique in the way that it affects the body and the mind of its abusers. That is why there is a need for alcohol abuse specialized treatment. If you or someone you care about needs alcohol rehab in Florida, Spring Gardens Recovery is a great place to start. We are located in Sunny South Florida, and Spring Gardens Recovery is one of the most trusted rehabs in the region. Contact us today if you have any questions, needs, or concerns. Also, you may take a virtual tour of rehab facilities via the Home page of this website.

Why is Alcohol Rehab Important?

It is crucial that the rehab you seek treatment from understands your substance abuse issue and how to address it. Because alcohol affects the body and the brain in ways that no other substance does, alcohol abuse patients need a rehab that can tailor their treatment strategies accordingly. Further, detox is often needed for alcohol abuse patients because alcohol abuse leads to alcohol dependency. Alcohol-dependent individuals face harsh and dangerous withdrawal symptoms when quitting alcohol, and the detox period should take place in a clinical environment where medicine and monitoring can be administered by professionals.

Why Do Alcoholics Need Rehab?

Many drugs are psychologically addictive. Drugs such as marijuana and cocaine are good examples of psychologically addictive substances. Other substances are physically addictive. Alcohol and heroin are examples of common substances that are physically addictive. Alcohol is both physically and psychologically addictive, meaning that alcohol-dependent individuals struggle with psychological cravings as well as a physical need to use alcohol.

The alcoholic's brain has been rewired. The alcoholic's brain depends on alcohol for survival, much the same as it depends on food, water, and air for survival. This means that an alcoholic's brain is always compelling them to find, obtain, and consume alcohol even as it destroys their very lives. When alcohol is not present for the problem drinker, their brain is triggering their body to react much the same as it would trigger their body to react if they had a lack of oxygen. This is why the alcoholic can't "just stop drinking."

What Treatment Options Exist for Alcoholics?

Education is the first and perhaps the most important treatment for alcoholism. Spring Gardens Recovery is an alcohol rehab in Florida that believes strongly in education and awareness. This not only refers to patient education but also to family and general public education regarding the nature and effects of alcoholism. This is crucial to an alcohol abuse patients' chances of permanent recovery because their chances of recovering will be higher if the people around them understand what they're dealing with.

Using some of the traditional alcohol treatment techniques, such as AA, sponsorship, group counseling, one-on-one counseling, and other traditional treatment techniques, along with modern science and brain rewiring techniques; alcoholics can overcome their addictions! Spring Gardens Recovery is a place where the best treatment techniques for alcoholism are utilized. We understand alcoholism, and we understand what works and what doesn't for treating it. For quality alcohol rehab Florida, contact Spring Gardens Recovery today.

Alcohol Rehab Florida
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Alcohol Rehab Florida
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