Picking a drug or alcohol detox center is an important first step in your recovery. However, it’s easy to face the prospect of failure right at the onset. Several outpatient detox facilities make fantastic claims about their services, but they may not be telling you everything. Understanding what an outpatient addiction treatment program entails can help you make the right decision about your recovery.

What Happens During Detox?

When you decide that it’s time to stop using a drug, you need to eliminate the drug from your system. Keep in mind, however, that simply quitting by yourself rarely works. The side effects associated with the process (or withdrawal symptoms) can be dangerous. At a professional detox facility, medical experts oversee the gradual removal of the drug from your system.

As withdrawal symptoms worsen, your central nervous system seeks to achieve equilibrium. For about a week, you might feel nauseous, deal with gastrointestinal issues, and have varying degrees of joint and muscle pain. Emotional upheaval often includes worsening anxiety or depression.

two women in a Outpatient Treatment Program

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

An inpatient detox setting offers comprehensive detox services provide for your physical and emotional needs. Examples include:

  • Medical supervision of vitals to maintain your health and prevent complications
  • Treatment of psychosis or other psychological conditions that withdrawal may trigger
  • Overall comfort during the process via massage therapy, medically supervised sauna, and guided meditation
  • Exploration of holistic wellness with yoga classes and guided relaxation techniques
  • Nutritionist consultations and care to put you on the road to a healthier lifestyle and overcome possible vitamin deficiencies

One of the facets that aids in your success is the fact that you’re getting away from your situation. If you live in a home where drug use is ongoing, you may need to get away from that environment. Returning there after visiting an outpatient facility doesn’t help you to remove yourself from drug use.

At an outpatient detox, you may receive medication that assists with withdrawal symptoms and makes certain substances unpalatable to use. However, there’s no supervision to ensure that you take the medications or do so accurately. Because some detoxifications can result in seizure activity, it’s possible that some clients may go about their business while suddenly suffering one.

Because there’s no medical supervision and no staff members to assist individuals, they may not get the medical care they need as quickly as they need it. As a result, someone may suffer a critical health emergency. There are too many variables and not enough protocols in place to ensure proper treatment. Detoxing on an outpatient basis is simply too risky.

What to Expect at Spring Gardens Recovery

When you arrive for an intake interview at Spring Gardens Recovery in Spring Hill, Florida, you’ll notice that the facility is well run, clean, and tranquil. Instead of hustle and bustle, you’ll have the opportunity for relaxation and recovery. You’ll discuss your case with a compassionate intake counselor who notes your medical history and drug use details. Then, we’ll show you to your room, which is nicely apportioned and comfortable.

As you start the process, fully licensed staff members monitor your vitals and administer medication if needed. You have the option of receiving amino acid IV infusions to support your health. Experienced experts know what to look for and can keep you comfortable even when withdrawal symptoms peak. Should a medical emergency arise, our around-the-clock staff members are aware of what to do. After detox, you can begin with our two week or residential program.

If you or a loved one struggles with a drug abuse problem, don’t settle for an outpatient addiction treatment program from the beginning. Call Spring Gardens Recovery today at 866-244-9556.