Close up of depressed man needing addiction helpAre you in dire need of addiction help? Substance abuse problems are medical conditions that require professional intervention. There’s no quick fix. The first step to recovery is a good, quality drug detox program. Spring Gardens Recovery is the place for you.

What Makes Detox So Important?

Quitting any form of drug use is difficult. There’s a two-fold addiction problem you have to deal with. On the one hand, there’s the physiological addiction. Your body tries to tell you that it can’t survive without the drug.

Secondly, there’s the psychological dependence. You can’t get addiction help to tackle the latter without first beating the former. However, doing so has the potential for pain and danger. For this reason, most at-home, cold turkey attempts result in failure and immediate relapse.

Getting Addiction Help Starts with Detoxification

Ready yourself for the addiction help you receive at residential detox through a restful, retreat-like detox. This detox process allows the body to shed the chemicals and toxins of drugs or alcohol from the system. In the process, your brain will undo some of the damage and re-wiring that these chemicals caused. Your best option is an inpatient setting. An inpatient detox program keeps you safe from yourself and from your drug of choice. In a closed setting, you cannot access any substances and your safety is assured.

For about seven to ten days, you rest, relax, avoid triggers and stress, and receive hands-on addiction help from experts. Typical treatments to expect include:

  • Around the clock, medical detox prevents any dangers from the drug withdrawal
  • Medication-assisted detox cuts down on pain and discomfort, which reduces the risk of relapse
  • A serene luxury detox setting supports your recovery with attractive lounges, private TVs, and outdoor patio areas
  • Massage therapy and sauna therapy help with shedding toxins and contributes to your overall relaxation and wellbeing
  • Hypnotherapy can assist you with strengthening your resolve to remain drug-free after you finish detox at the facility

What Happens if I Don’t do Anything?

Addiction is a progressive disease of the brain. It presents with multiple physical and mental symptoms. Due to its progressive nature, the condition doesn’t get better by itself. Waiting for drug or alcohol addiction to vanish is foolish. It worsens and eventually leads to severe physical and psychological problems as well as the potential for death.

Trying to detox by yourself at home is dangerous because of the withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the drug you’ve been using, these symptoms can lead to severe physical challenges. Case in point is an alcohol use disorder. Quitting alcohol abruptly can result in the development of seizures even if you’ve never experienced them before.

You may require immediate medical intervention. But you may not recognize the danger you’re in because of the confusion and discomfort that goes along with an at-home detox. Unless someone is there monitor your progress and call first responders if necessary, you may suffer serious consequences. When you detox at a facility, you don’t have to worry about the pain or the need for assistance.

Get Your First Taste of Addiction Help at a Restful Detoxification Center

The first step in attaining addiction help belongs with you and Spring Gardens Recovery. Not only can we get you through detox, but we can assist you with choosing a rehab facility that will continue your treatment. At that time addiction help may look like various counseling groups, experiential therapy, and alternative modalities. There are many roads that lead to recovery. We are simply the first step where you can build a foundation for the road ahead.

You’re ready to quit using. You understand that the dangers of doing it at home aren’t worth it. The compassionate expert therapists at Spring Gardens Recovery want to help you beat your physical addiction. Reach out for help today by dialing 866-244-9556.