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You Don’t Have to Settle for a Tampa Detox

The hustle and bustle of Tampa are enough to stress out even the tourists. Now imagine dealing with a substance abuse problem and looking for a place to start recovery. A Tampa detox might not be your first choice. But did you know that a better option in Spring Hill is just a short drive away?

A Spring Hill vs. a Tampa Detox

Woman Who Didn't Settle for a Tampa Detox FacilityCompared to Tampa, Spring Hill is calm, quiet, and thrives on its relaxed setting. Just north of Tampa, it’s easy to get here. Because of its peace and quiet, it has become the home for a growing population of seniors. Joining them are restaurants and health care facilities catering to their needs.

Spring Gardens is a Florida detox center that welcomes clients in this city. The facility takes up 4.5 acres of secluded property, which gives you plenty of space to walk around. It also protects your privacy.

Detox in Spring Hill, Florida

Spring Hill may be smaller, but it’s home to state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, and Spring Gardens is no exception. Because the people who come here for treatment expect more, the center has to deliver.


Examples of our leading edge detox services include:

  • Medical supervision throughout the entire process, which ensures your comfort and protects your health
  • Around-the-clock availability of experts to assist with medications and monitoring of high-risk but also sub-acute participants
  • Lifestyle modification therapy that includes hypnotherapy as a component of its body, mind, and spirit paradigm
  • Amino acid IV infusions support the overall regulation of neurotransmitters and assist the brain in regaining equilibrium
  • High-dose methadone treatment that provides additional assistance for individuals struggling with heroin or opioid addiction

Traditional and Holistic Detox Therapies

Evidence-based addiction therapies also include psychotherapy in the form of one-on-one talk therapy. Group therapy sessions build self-esteem and help strengthen your resolve to quit using.

In addition to addiction treatment, Spring Gardens also provides you with the opportunity to take yoga therapy classes. Doing so is more than merely a relaxing pastime. Yoga assists with stress management, which is an important relapse prevention tool. Because many clients use drugs to self-medicate when stress overwhelms, learning new ways of handling it is vital.

Guided meditation goes hand in hand with yoga classes. Even if you’ve never tried to meditate before, the benefits of a shaman-led session quickly become clear. The practice grounds you, which helps you to minimize anxiety. Anxiety, just like stress, can be a contributing factor to substance abuse problems.

Of course, when you do want to relax and just kick back for a bit, consider the gorgeous setting we offer. If you’re not in the mood to enjoy a brisk walk, remember that you have your personal flat-screen television. Wireless Bluetooth headsets make listening to your programs private. Finish off the day with a chef-prepared meal that culinary specialists put together with your nutritional needs in mind.

Privacy, Attention to Detail, and Tranquility Matter in Detox

There’s no reason to settle for the kind of Tampa detox that feeds you through the system with speed. Some try to get you out as quickly as possible just to make room for the next patient. The clients we work with understand that detoxification may take between seven and ten days to do it right.

In the long term, an inexpertly cobbled together detox experience can hamper your ability to live a life of sobriety. Don’t stack the odds against you. Instead of a Tampa detox, choose Spring Gardens Recovery for your first step to addiction recovery. Call us today at (866) 244-9556.

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