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Learn About Our Spring Hill Detox Center

At Spring Gardens Recovery, our goal is to help each client heal. With a combination of leading-edge medical technology, 24/7 support, and holistic strategies, you can overcome addiction once and for all. Learn more about our Spring Hill detox center and what it has to offer incoming patients.

Sprawling Gated Facility

Medical Professional Counseling Client at Our Spring Hill Detox CenterFor many people, detox brings to mind a clinical setting. The truth is that a harsh, sterile setting can actually cause a lot of people to feel anxious. A relaxing, appealing environment can be far more conducive to recovery.

Our gated, 4.5-acre Spring Hill detox center provides plenty of security and safety. However, we give guests the freedom to explore the grounds on their own terms for much of the detox.

Plenty of outdoor spaces and patios beckon, letting you meet friends or find a quiet place to unwind on your own. Rather than feeling like you’re in a hospital, this detox center helps you feel like you’re spending time at a luxury spa.

Individual Counseling

Many detox centers emphasize the physical aspect of detox. It’s definitely true that many withdrawal symptoms are physical, but that isn’t the only factor in recovery. Addiction is a complex disease, and many individuals struggle with mental or emotional instability. Individual counseling can guide patients through the process with confidence.

Sometimes, all patients need is confirmation that everything is going to plan. It can be overwhelming to struggle with detox, and it’s normal to feel this way. Counseling is a way to talk patients through the process. Knowing what comes next, and how to deal with it, can be an important part of detox.

Yoga Therapy

One of the things that sets the Spring Hill location apart from other detox centers is the inclusion of yoga therapy. While yoga might be thought of as a perk, it’s actually an effective addition to detox. Yoga therapy can offer physical, emotional, and psychological benefits to patients who are trying to overcome addiction.

Yoga improves circulation and boosts metabolism. When you’re detoxifying your body, these are two crucial elements. Yoga can also reduce blood pressure and improve physical fitness and flexibility.

Beyond the physical, yoga can be calming. It can reduce feelings of anxiety, and it can increase self-esteem. Many patients find it spiritually enhancing, and it can also improve mindfulness.

Massage Therapy

Another effective detox treatment available at this Spring Hill rehab and detox facility is massage therapy. Once again, this is far from just a perk. Massage therapy is proven to be a practical way to reduce pain and increase the success of a drug or alcohol detox.

Massage can increase blood flow, which can speed up the detox process slightly. It also reduces stress and anxiety, and it can help patients to battle insomnia. Perhaps most importantly, it can relieve pain and tension. Detox can often bring unpleasant physical withdrawal symptoms, and massage can target any pain and increase comfort.

Holistic Approach to Recovery

At Spring Hill detox center, massage, yoga, and counseling are all a part of the holistic approach to recovery. Treatment is comprehensive, aiming to improve all areas of life while breaking free from addiction. We offer a number of holistic addiction treatment therapies, including:

Saying Yes to Our Spring Hill Detox Center

If you have decided that Spring Hill is the right location for your Florida detox center experience, then it’s time to get started. Committing to recovery is the first step, and we can help you begin. If you have insurance, that may cover some or all of the costs of your detox. Contact staff to begin enrollment and to learn more about the detox process as a whole.

If a Spring Hill detox center is the right choice for you, then Spring Gardens Recovery may be the answer. A Florida location and a holistic, comprehensive approach to recovery can provide comfort and success for your detox. Call (866) 244-9556 and start working toward sobriety today.

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